It’s official!Counters and ATMs will not be able to withdraw cash!What are you up to?

2022-05-02 0 By

When’s the last time you went to the bank for cash?With the earth-shaking changes in payment methods, although we have less and less contact with cash, but the real distance from a cashless society, there is still a distance.But can you imagine banks starting to “eliminate” cash?In recent days, two banks have made it clear they are ready to do just that.One, Liaoning Zhenxing Bank, announced that from March 1, it will stop operating cash services such as over-the-counter cash and self-service device deposits and withdrawals.Similarly, Zhongguancun Bank also announced that it would stop cash receipt and payment services, including counter branches and ATM self-service channels, from April 1.That is to say, taking bank card to these two banks later, it is to deposit and withdraw less than cash, really want cash service, can transfer money to other banks.As for why they did this, the two banks also said it was to “enhance digital transformation,” or what we often hear these days as “digital money.”There are objective reasons for this. Both banks are private banks, and according to regulations, they can only have one offline branch at most. Therefore, digitization is obviously more in line with resource optimization of banks than cash service.But the more important reason is that the pace of digital RMB is getting bigger and bigger.During the Spring Festival this year, a number of pilot regions handed out digital red envelopes of RMB. Beijing, for example, used a lottery to hand out 50,000 digital red envelopes of RMB 200 yuan.Shenzhen even organized six state-owned commercial banks (workers, Peasants and Postal services) to hand out 25 million RMB digital red envelopes.At the same time, the application scope of digital RMB has been extended to more and more scenes, such as Tencent, JINGdong, Meituan and other major payment giants, have opened digital RMB payment channels, scenes covering clothing, food, housing and transportation.Therefore, digital currency concept stocks have become popular in the capital market.Data show that according to the rough calculation of the average transaction price of the interval, since the New Year’s Day, northbound capital has increased the amount of digital currency concept shares to 1.15 billion yuan.If you consider the annual report market, from the announcement of performance forecast data, digital currency concept stocks all pre-increase!The following are the digital currency concept stocks with the highest performance growth (the above content is for reference only, not as investment advice)