Kangzi Better three months without reason to return goods, to protect the rights and interests of consumers

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People are paying more and more attention to the quality of products when they shop. They are haggling over every penny in terms of quality, without considering the after-sales service of products at all.In fact, for the purchase of products, product quality is important, but product after-sales service is also very important.For mattresses, most people only pay attention to the comfort of products and other aspects, for after-sales is ignorant, until the problems cry no door to begin to regret.Speaking of here, we have to mention kangzi Baide mattresses, its promise of three months without reason to return goods, so that consumers worry, rest assured and at ease.On May 28, 2019, at the symposium on “Bedding Market order and Consumer Rights Protection” sponsored by China Consumer News And co-organized by Kangzi Better Group Co., LTD., Kangzi Better launched the policy of “No reason to return goods for three months” nationwide.That is, consumers can return products without any reason within 90 days from the date of purchase, and stores do not charge any product use fees.(For details, please refer to the “Three Month No Reason Return Agreement for Contiz Better Products”).This policy not only represents the Kang Zi DE group co., LTD., full consideration for consumers, but also shows its fully confident of its own products, and the policy can also inspire Kang Zi “will do more good quality products, also reflected the Kang Zi” the responsibility of the enterprise also bear, after-sales service for consumer rights and interests of the charge.Today, Contiz Better Group Co., Ltd. continues to adhere to the “three months no reason to return”.It has been more than three years since the implementation of the “3-month no-reason return policy”. In order to better implement the “3-month no-reason return policy”, Kangzi Better Group Co., Ltd. strictly adheres to the following standards:1. Strictly abide by the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, the Law on Product Quality and other relevant laws and regulations and industry norms, do not damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in any way, and do civilized business and honest operation.2. Kangzi Best hangs “Five bans” in all stores nationwide, does not mislead and deceive consumers, earnestly protects the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and creates a safe and honest consumer environment for the majority of consumers.3. Strictly control the quality of products, consciously resist unqualified commodities and fake and shoddy commodities, ensure the quality of products, and do a good job in the after-sales service system, so as to provide standardized and standard services for consumers.4. Keep the business environment comfortable, clean and orderly, and strengthen the popularization of consumer rights protection knowledge.The above is the after-sales service of Kangzi Best mattress, you pay attention to product quality at the same time, do not forget the after-sales service is also very important, I believe that you see kangzi Best after-sales service, will be more reliable to its products, so, choose Kangzi Best bar.