Luna township innovation way to promote rural party members winter spring training go deep go solid

2022-05-02 0 By

On January 24, more than 80 members of luna township organization team, village party organization secretary, village staff members and party members attended the 2022 winter and spring training for rural Party members in Zushe village.In zshe village “sunshine rose” grape planting base, the secretary of the Township Party Committee from how to understand, how to implement the rural revitalization strategy, the majority of rural party members should play a role in three aspects around the help of rural revitalization on a vivid party lesson.House village party general branch secretary with their own personal experience, work performance, profound feeling as fresh teaching materials, guide party members and cadres from the current work feeling future development direction, let the theory of learning more down-to-earth gas, effectively promote party members winter spring training to go deep walk real, walk new heart.At the grassroots party construction scheduling link, according to “a see, listen, review, four exchange” manner, the trainees to consult the house village grass-roots party construction archives, communicate with each other, find the gap, based on the actual, adhere to the problem oriented, make up the job board, winter to spring training and improve the learning education pertinence, effectiveness, ensure the quality and results of winter to spring.Luna Township Liao Yu editor: Yuan Ronghui