More important than IQ and EQ are the six quotients of life

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Hello, I’m Shark brother!We’ve all heard that INTELLIGENCE quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) are important to us, but in fact, there are more important than these two quotients.Even to some extent, it is the other four quotients that really determine the size of one’s achievements.Intelligence quotient first, IQ.People with high IQs tend to be very smart.When you are young, you study like others, while others play with nothing and spend less time, but you learn better than you, this person is a high IQ.Therefore, a person with a high IQ is one who has a strong ability to analyze, think and learn.People with a high IQ also have a fatal shortcoming, that is, they tend to feel good about themselves, relatively high, self-righteous, think they are smart, so they tend to make no real friends.Emotional quotient number two, emotional intelligence.Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage emotions.Show, is a person with high emotional intelligence, his communication skills are particularly strong, will read and see, belong to the interpersonal relationship of all things, contacts king, in any circle on any occasion, see people talk, ghost talk.Many people envy this kind of person with high EQ, but in fact, there is also a fatal weakness of people with high EQ, that is, people with high EQ often can not get the real trust of others.Because emotionally intelligent people, they are the kind of people who can deal with everyone, but they tend to hide their thoughts and thoughts, and it is difficult for you to really get into their heart.Therefore, this kind of person with high EQ is often suitable for management or sales, he has a very thorough view of human nature.Gallbladder quotient third, gallbladder quotient.Many of you may not have heard of this term, but it’s just a concept.What is the gallbladder quotient?A man of courage is a man of courage.The kind of people we see in real life who can start a business, even people with a very low level of education, why are often easy to make achievements?In essence: bold.You take Wang Jianlin for example, he said, “Harvard and Yale, it is better to be bold.”And Huang Guangyu, who said, “Do anything with 30 percent certainty.”People with high IQ tend to have a very low courage quotient, because he is too smart to do anything without a grasp of 89 to 90, so most of the time easy to miss opportunities and opportunities, emotionally intelligent people do things will weigh the pros and cons, to always stand in the most safe place, so the lack of such courage and courage.This is why, in real life, people with little or no education are often able to do things like this.So bosses tend to be bold people.Therefore, courage quotient is also the first problem that many people face when they cannot succeed.A man with a low quotient of courage is a man who is afraid of doing everything. He is a man who has no courage. He always thinks he is no good.So, shameless, adhere to shameless, has been adhere to shameless, this spirit is the encounter of the brave, this courage really determines your starting point.Inverse quotient Fourth, inverse quotient.What is the inverse quotient?In plain English, it is the ability to withstand stress.A lot of people are anxious, depressed, that is, the ability to resist pressure is too weak. Now many young people, if you criticize them, they have no bearing capacity of pressure.Therefore, the people with low inverse quotient can be said to be too weak in the ability to resist pressure. The people with high inverse quotient belong to those who can endure loneliness and have strong self-discipline. They are ruthless to others and more ruthless to themselves.A person with a low inverse quotient is a glass heart, which is very fragile. When he encounters a little setback, he will fall to the ground and be broken. Once he fails, he will never be able to help him up the wall.However, those who can start a business and have certain achievements in a certain field are particularly strong in the ability to oppose business, so it is more important to oppose business than to be bold.Fifth, financial intelligence.Financial intelligence is something that many people ignore.You see a lot of very capable people, a lot of very smart people, even very lonely people, why can not make money, is not financial thinking, no marketing thinking, that is, can not control the money, can not understand the law of wealth.The characteristic of a person with high financial quotient is that he has financial planning ability, financial management ability, and a sense of smell for wealth.You see, people with a high level of bravery often make the first bucket of gold, while those with a low level of financial intelligence may make a lot of money, but many people will soon lose all the money they earn.Why is that?Because financial intelligence is too low.They don’t have the ability to control risk, and they don’t have the ability to do financial planning.So this is why many people, starting a business to make money but can not keep money, do for many years and finally did not accumulate the reason.Brother Shark thinks: financial intelligence ability determines the fate of an entrepreneur, that is, can really earn money, is to see your financial intelligence ability is not high.The sixth is to realize the quotient.What are the characteristics of emotionally intelligent people?He is: do not do two things.Many people, do one thing to do for ten years, twenty years, but still in the field of common, is too low understanding.There is another kind of people who read a lot of books, but they have no independent thoughts and no ability to think deeply. In fact, their ability to realize Quotient is too low.There are that kind of people, entrepreneurship is also like this, repeatedly failed repeatedly, repeatedly failed, is the summary of the ability to recover and understanding is too low.There is an adage that goes like this: in a second to see the essence of the people, and half a lifetime also can not see the essence of a thing, nature is not the same fate.A person of high understanding may smell a smell, he may be given a point to understand, called: drum without a heavy hammer.People with low understanding make mistakes every day, work hard every day, work hard every day, and finally have no results, which is what we call: low level, low efficiency efforts, called “pseudo-diligence”, that is, poor understanding.Therefore, people with high IQ are very smart, people with high EQ are particularly strong in communication skills, people with high courage quotient are very bold, people with high anti-quotient are particularly strong in the ability to resist pressure, adversity is particularly strong, people with high financial quotient are often the people who can make money, people who understand high quotient are the people who really have great achievements.