Since Governor Hao is harmless, why doesn’t he choose time to visit The Zhou family?

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This image comes from the network by the actor mine better sound, XinBaiQing, song jia, YanTao, yongdai ding, taisheng Chen na, chun-li song, wang Yang joint in modern urban drama “in the present, hit in the plot has been updated, we will see hao governor of a disease, eventually cancelled tour of house.It is estimated that many viewers do not understand, Governor Hao’s illness is not serious, why he did not choose time to visit The Zhou family?Is Governor Hao’s asthma serious?In the updated plot of the TV series, we see Hao Dongmei’s parents, indeed, getting ready to visit the Zhou family.Unfortunately, Governor Hao suffered a sudden attack of asthma and cancelled his visit to Zhou’s home.So, governor Hao’s asthma is not serious?As Huang secretary says, asthma is the most serious when the disease is sent, but as long as rescue is timely, do not have what big hinder.To know, Kim Yue-hee in the discovery of secretary Huang wrong gift, has shown the guilt of the zhou family.She even tried to use her connections to take another family photo for the Zhou family.But Governor Hao’s condition is not serious.Why don’t they pick the time to visit the Chows?Wouldn’t that make you feel even more guilty?Why didn’t Governor Hao choose time to visit Zhou’s home?From the conversation between Zhou bingyi and Yao Lisong, we can see that Governor Hao is a good official worthy of the name.And from hao governor in the question to huang secretary, we can also detect this.Because governor Hao had made a promise to the residents of guangzi before the Cultural Revolution.But because of the special social environment at that time, Governor Hao did not fulfill this promise.After so many years, Governor Hao has never forgotten what he said.This shows that Governor Hao is really a good official who cares about the people.And governor Hao did not choose the time to visit Zhou home, all because of his work needs.Although Governor Hao relaxed at home, but his heart always tight a string.We must not forget that Zhou Bingyi had told Hao Dongmei that when the secretary retired, governor Hao was now in charge of all affairs in the province.It can be said that the time governor Hao chose to visit The Zhou family was the only free time in his busy schedule.Governor Hao had no time to visit the Zhou family.Why did Governor Hao change his attitude towards Zhou Bingyi?In the updated episode, many viewers are expected to question How Governor Hao changed his mind about Chow so quickly.Is it just because the daughter can’t carry on the family line for zhou?Should know hao governor but an outstanding communist party member, how can he have such feudal thought?But it seems to me that Governor Hao’s guilt about Chow was not because he was feudal.It’s about seeing things from the chow family’s point of view.Why do you say that?You know, in China, there is a saying: “Unfilial has three no queen.”As the eldest son of the Zhou family, Zhou Bingyi could not carry on the family line.In the eyes of the older generation, this is a sign of unfilial piety.As Chow bingyi’s parents, will they tolerate his son’s behavior?Hao governor is this consideration, will be guilty of Zhou Bingyi.And governor Hao of this kind of guilt, also proved that governor Hao is really a good officer.Because he knows how to think from the point of view of the people.This picture is from the Internet. What do you think of Governor Hao’s role?Welcome to leave your comments.