The discipline inspection and supervision group of CCB strictly supervises and manages the whole process to improve the quality and efficiency of clue disposal

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In order to further strengthen the disposal of problem clues, CCB’s discipline inspection and supervision team of CCB deployed the “Year of Improving the quality and Efficiency of problem clue Disposal” activity throughout the bank, and comprehensively improved the disposal level of problem clues through system improvement, rectification and improvement, supervision and assistance, special training and other measures.”The poor quality and efficiency of problem clue disposal is one of the important factors that restrict the high-quality development of discipline inspection and supervision.”The relevant person in charge of the discipline inspection and supervision group of CCB said that the precise disposal of clues and the strict implementation of relevant procedures are the basis and important guarantee for high-quality supervision and law enforcement.The discipline inspection and supervision group further standardized the disposal and management of problem clues and promoted the quality and efficiency of the disposal of problem clues by focusing on the whole process management, key links of clue disposal and special supervision.In CCB disciplinary watchdog group to develop the problem leads the whole process management measure (trial) “, the problem of clues from acceptance, centralized management, do research to buy early, enquiry, nuclear, filing and refer the case to trial, to advise, archiving, each link such as qualitative effect PingZha decides to refine the work standards and procedures, improve the level of problem leads the standardization of the disposal;Establish a secondary screening mechanism for problem clues, make good “entry”, not only prevent the loss of clues, but also screen out the complaints and reports that should not be treated as clues, and further enhance the standardization of screening clues.Grasp the key links and improve the precision of problem clue disposal.Formulate the Work Method for Collective Analysis and Judgment of Problem Clues, establish and improve the hierarchical and classified collective research and judgment mechanism, in which the undertaking room holds daily consultations, the leaders in charge convene the research and judgment, and the main persons in charge of the group hold meetings, to ensure that the key points and clear direction can be highlighted at the stage of determining the disposal method;It formulated and implemented the Rules for the Work of Primary Nuclear Verification Teams, strictly standardizing the composition of verification teams, formulation of primary nuclear verification plans, time limit for work and discipline requirements, so as to conduct in-depth and detailed primary nuclear verification work and lay a solid foundation for concluding cases.”In order to strengthen the special supervision, improve the timeliness of the disposal of problem clues.Our monthly check “four books” (letter-inquiring-and-accusing total parameter, problem leads the total parameter, suspected of duty crime clues parameter, crime cases involving position parameter) and “three tables” (working on problems clues table, transferred to clues table, temporary problem table), the problem of group internal do clues and tracking gddoftec case, not knot to prevent drag.”The relevant person in charge of the discipline inspection and supervision group of CCB said that at the same time, strengthening the classification management of clues, screening key problem clues to establish special supervision ledger, tracking the progress of the disposal statistics every week, timely research and solve key and difficult problems, accelerate the disposal progress.In addition, the CCB discipline inspection and supervision team held special video training sessions for CCB discipline inspection institutions at all levels, and conducted systematic business training on important aspects such as problem clue identification, whole process management, disposal method evaluation and preliminary verification.Carry out quality and efficiency evaluation of the disposal work of the problem clues of the discipline inspection commission of each directly managed unit, and report the problems found in the whole bank;The Annual Work Plan for Improving the Quality and Efficiency of The Disposal of Problem Clues was formulated and issued, and 23 specific measures were taken to achieve significant improvement in the discovery and management of clues, screening and screening, research and sentencing, conversation letter consultation, preliminary verification, disposal efficiency, and procedural standards, so as to drive new breakthroughs in supervision, discipline and law enforcement.(Correspondent Zhang Tao and Xu Mengxian) Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: