Warm tips!On February 16, xianyang city resumed driving restrictions on vehicles with tail-plate numbers

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On February 11, the traffic police branch of xianyang Public Security Bureau, Xianyang Ecological environment Bureau and Xianyang Transport Bureau jointly issued a notice, xianyang city will resume working day traffic management measures starting from February 16, 2022.The specific date is as follows: 07:00- 20:00, February 16, 2022 (Wednesday);End numbers: 3 and 8;Restricted area: all urban roads west of Dongfeng Road — Fusu Road (inclusive), south of Wenlin Road — West Extension section of Wenlin Road (inclusive), east of West Expressway, and north of Feng River Bridge (inclusive) of Century Avenue — South entrance of Qindu Bridge (inclusive) of Century West Road in Xianyang City shall be restricted area;Restrictions: Motor vehicles with two license plates (including temporary) ending numbers (if the last number of the license plate is an English letter, take the last digit of the license plate as the criterion) are prohibited from driving on Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Thursday, and Friday, 5 and 0.Xxi News: Zou Wenhua editor: Gao Ge Source: Xxi News