Big New Year’s talk about “guess the heart” get silver

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Still in the Huizong Dynasty of the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a minister who was very clever and won the favor of the emperor.One day, in the middle of the council, the minister said to his officials, “Believe it or not, I know exactly what you are thinking. If I guess correctly, I will give each of you a penny or two. If I guess wrongly, I will pay you a penny or two as punishment.”Officials all smiled, heart words: you are not my stomach roundworm, I think what, how can you know?So, in the presence of the emperor, all the officials agreed to let him guess.The officials patrol officers, leisurely say: “now, you are an adult mind: I am a courtier, get the emperor’s esteem, with a high eloth, I this lifetime will be loyal to the emperor, never betray, cronyism, more’t rebel” speaking of which, the only official then satisfiedly smiled said: “you adults are think so?If you don’t think so, please speak up!”Hearing this, all the officials looked at each other in speechless despair and had nothing to say to each other. Who dare to deny it in the face of the emperor?Which dare to take their official career, money, head joke?In this way, the embarrassed officials each gave a penny or two to the clever official.