But three things must have something, let alone four purposes

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The son changed his age to a third, saying it was for his own good.Jiujiang burned incense and lived in the temple for seven or eight days.Don’t see the child heart unwilling to send sugar to send money to finish.Hong Kong return that year, how to buy read a chapter to stay in memory.Kiss kiss in the back, coincidence two children two memorial.He has many properties under his name, and his daughter has a pair of properties.There is no room under the son’s name.In the end for that general, unfair treatment to anger days.Son liver disease overturned the ship, scientific verification son reduction.Shrinking age is one thing, burning incense in a temple is another.Return to read chapter already three, registered real estate affairs four.Who says coincidence is a jerk? It’s always three.Can’t quibble did not steal, somehow do absolutely want to deceive.We can hide the truth from everyone.