Common shrimp, the difference in nutritional value and practice a look to understand, about shrimp shrimp to understand

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The difference between shrimp, nutritional value and food practices a look to understand, a study will —————————————————— black tiger shrimp nutritional value: astaxanthin content is high, containing protein, vitamins, taste: the meat is very tight, elastic and chewy ‍ cooking: garlic paste, stir-fried South American white shrimp nutritional value:Low in fat, containing potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, calcium Taste: Fresh, sweet and delicious Nutritional value: rich in protein and multivitamins Taste: Meaty and firm Cooking: steamed, dry stir-fry, braised Argentine red shrimp Nutritional value: rich in iron, vitamin B12, protein taste:Taste fresh ‍ cooking: garlic, braise in soy sauce JiuJieHa nutritional value, containing magnesium palate: fresh sweet taste, fleshy coarser ‍ cooking: scalded, garlic shrimp nutrition value: rich in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium palate: fleshy delicate, taste delicious cooking: ‍ sauteing, boiled, sweet Fried small lobster nutritional value: rich in protein, magnesium, zinc, iodine, etc. Palate:Fresh and sweet, tender meat ‍ Cooking: Stir-fry, braised, minced garlic Shrimp Nutritional Value: rich in protein Taste: fresh and tender in juice, fresh and sweet in meat ‍ Cooking: steamed, boiled, baked with salt, stir-fried Boston lobster Nutritional value: high in protein, low in fat, vitamins and other trace elements Taste:Meat is tender and detailed ‍ cooking: scalded, garlic arctic sweet shrimp nutrition value, high protein food, low quantity of heat, rich in calcium, phosphorus and other elements palate: fleshy, sweet ‍ cooking: sashimi, minced garlic, steamed food is seen by 7-9 # # # I food diary shrimp shrimp is # # # gourmet kitchen knowledge sharing pipi shrimp shrimp Argentina rainbow, black tiger shrimp arctic sweet shrimp