Illegitimate rice attitude arrogance guarding the door of the dormitory……NCT Yuta hit back with his middle finger!

2022-05-03 0 By

Nuta, a Japanese member of the South Korean boy band NCT, was recently confronted by a group of illegitimate students when he returned to his dormitory.In a recent video, Yuta took a taxi back to his dormitory, only to get off and find a group of women waiting for him, Shouting angrily: “Get lost!”I didn’t expect that the private rice did not leave, but deliberately imitate his words, more flirtatious said: “wish you have a good day,” a group of people then burst out laughing, attitude contempt.Yuta responded by raising her hand in the air and pointing her middle finger. She walked into the dorm door without looking back.That’s the way to go. “” Good job.”