Resonance stop fall!A finger up 3% to stop the fall, Shanghai two back to step on will stabilize?

2022-05-03 0 By

Today’s market style has obvious switch, a strong recovery in the track stocks anger up 3%, driving the three major stock index collective close up.Plate track stocks collective repair, which CRO concept rose throughout the day, Wuxi Kant trading limit, driving the relevant stocks in turn to pull up, driven by this effect, wine, new energy, photovoltaic, military, medical care, semiconductor and other trends are strong.Among them, Ning De times rose sharply, contributing more than 20 points to the index, while the early active tourism plate is leading the decline today, low valuation of financial direction and large infrastructure differentiation, the market seesaw effect is obvious again.By the end of the close, plate up less, subject matter, track stocks are more active;Stocks trading more than 75, more than 15 limit.The fly in the ointment is another shrinking volume that could limit the sustainability and height of the subsequent market rally.: A small net inflow of northbound capital of 130 million yuan;Among them, the shanghai-share connect saw a net outflow of 519 million yuan in late trading, while the Shenzhen Stock Connect saw a net outflow of 388 million yuan.: Technical analysis, the Shanghai Composite index short cycle adjustment is basically about 3 days, and the short-term backstepping target is basically in 3420-3400 area, yesterday’s intraday backstepping to 3415 has hit an important target, today the Shanghai composite index closed slightly positive shock, no new lows within the day, showing a small positive contraction line.The volume of significant contraction, the expression of short – term into the equilibrium stage, waiting for long momentum to rise.In terms of innovation index, today’s shrinkage rose, among which the leading shares in the weight plate contributed a lot, and ningde times rose in the pharmaceutical plate CRO concept strongly pulled up innovation index rebound throughout the day.From the perspective of K line trend alone, the creation of a haze, there is a stop trend, especially with the clarification of the recent ningde era of market rumors, Ningde era stop, the future of the creation of a stop rebound is of great significance.In addition, the medical and health care plate stopped falling and stabilized, the resonance support will be repaired.But also, the volume will be insufficient to suppress the future rebound of the high main cause.From the market style, the cycle stocks fell, the futures market iron ore, coal and other regulated bear killed four parties, rotation led to strong growth track stocks;In addition, today’s low valuation plate differentiation seesaw so that the growth of the main wheel active.With the emergence of the stop-fall structure, the market is expected to enter the stage of comprehensive stop-fall, especially the emergence of the stop-fall on the spring market will be very favorable.Today, although there is a switch in the market style, but the Shanghai stock index normal back step, the construction of a second dip trend, is completing the bottom structure, and with the emergence of the creation refers to stop falling and the growth of the main line up and repair, the market is expected to enter the resonance stage of large and small stocks.In addition to the future NPC and CPPCC policy traction, steady growth and countertrend loose macro support, A shares spring market is very worth looking forward to.In short, the operation of balanced allocation, low valuation infrastructure, finance as the focus.Select industry marginal improvement of building materials, tourism, airport, shipping, as well as stop the decline and the bottom of the stock index pharmaceutical CRO track stocks.Pay attention to look for bottom varieties, on the volume of stagflation and low low valuation varieties to have patience.I am the northwest Wolf, original opinion, thank you for watching after the likes of attention and support…The stock market has the risk, the investment needs the caution!