Said the case | “MAO children” “medicine” bulging their wallets

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Sources reported on January 21, 2022, under the rule of law | Shanghai first B04 version Pets are not allowed to watch over the weekend with the improvement of living standards, more and more people who, cats are gentle and lovable, dog son smart and lively, brought infinite pleasure to everyday life.More and more people regard pets as “family members” and begin to pay attention to their health conditions. Vaccination and insect repellent are particularly important. When pets appear unwell, timely medical treatment is also essential.However, they don’t have professional knowledge of pet vaccines and medicines, and can only rely on pet supply stores or the Internet to learn about them.A few days ago, Shanghai railway transport procuratorate dealt with two cases related to pet vaccines, drugs, suspects involved in the case or make and sell fake well-known pet vaccines, drugs, or create sound “lofty” pet drugs, through the network sales, pit I do not know how many cats and dogs……Antibiotics found in cat vaccines In December 2020, Shanghai police discovered that several online stores were selling branded veterinary drugs at significantly lower prices than the market price.After identification, the veterinary drugs sold by these online stores are manufactured and operated by counterfeit products without domestic approval.Then, the police began to trace the supply source of the shop at this point.After careful investigation, with the strong cooperation of the police in Liaoning and Hubei, 37 suspects were arrested, 4 production and storage dens and 9 pet stores were destroyed, 115,000 counterfeit and semi-finished antibacterial veterinary drugs of well-known brands, more than 1.2 million packaging materials and 10 sets of counterfeit equipment were seized, involving a total amount of more than 60 million yuan.Suspect Wang mou, Li mou is a ring in this case.To undertake TieJian hospital examined to find out the case of Shanghai, wang mou and li mou in knowing the “boss” zhang (dealt) no holder of the trademark permission, and without a veterinary drug production qualification, still within the production base is located in the city, hubei province, filling, to make the cat use vaccine, anti-inflammatory creams and other veterinary vaccines and veterinary drugs.Wang Shuai, a prosecutor with the Shanghai Iron And Steel Inspection Bureau, told reporters that veterinary vaccines and drugs involved in the case were often disguised as world-renowned pharmaceutical companies, which have become the preferred targets for counterfeiters because of their good reputation and high demand.According to the Shanghai Veterinary Drug and Feed Testing Institute, the ingredients of the veterinary drugs involved are not consistent with the nominal name, and there are other pharmaceutical ingredients.The chemical ampicillin was even found in the cat vaccines involved.Ampicillin is an antibiotic that can be used to treat respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary, soft tissue, meningitis, septicemia and endocarditis infections caused by bacteria.But adding ampicillin to the vaccine does not work as well as it should.”These ‘drugs’ have not undergone formal testing, there is no assessment of their safety, and for the purpose of the so-called effect, the counterfeiters have added all kinds of antibiotics without any consideration of pets’ health, which may have a negative impact on pets.”Wang Shuai analysis, “The abuse of antibiotics on pets will also make pathogenic bacteria resistant, when pets face diseases that really need antibiotics to treat, the effectiveness of antibiotics will be greatly reduced.In addition, the dosage of antibiotics added to the ‘medicine’ may exceed the pet’s tolerance, directly causing damage to the pet’s health, or even life-threatening.”However, from November 2020 to April 2021, these fake veterinary vaccines and veterinary drugs with hidden risks were sold to downstream dealers and pet hospitals across the country through the hands of Wang, Li and others through online channels, and some unknown pet owners would also buy these vaccines and drugs online.The organizer believes that the veterinary drugs involved have been identified as fake veterinary drugs, and the marked ingredients are not consistent with the actual ingredients. According to the provisions of article 140 of criminal Law, if the sales amount reaches 50,000 yuan or more, the criminal liability shall be investigated for the crime of producing and selling fake and inferior products.”Black workshop” production of “Australian medicine” Wang, Li’s boss Zhang production, sales of fake veterinary vaccines, veterinary drugs through online sales channels sold throughout the country, Zhao is one of the buyers.Cho bought cat vaccines from Jang and sold them at a markup.According to Zhao, he knew at the time of purchase that the cat vaccines were fake and cost only a few yuan, but eventually the cat vaccines could be sold to end consumers for tens or even hundreds of yuan.Up to the case, Zhao sold fake and shoddy cat vaccines with the amount of more than 200,000 yuan.In addition to buying cat vaccines from Zhang somewhere, Zhao also from another “boss” Ma somewhere to buy “Mei ××× ×” brand of a variety of veterinary drugs, the same low purchase, sell at a higher price.Of course, ma sold Zhao these animal medicines are also false.In July 2021, Ma and others were arrested, and the police seized a large number of veterinary drug products, raw materials and production machines in the production and processing sites and warehouses.It has been identified that the seized “Plum ×××” brand veterinary drugs are fake veterinary drugs.The Shanghai Iron inspection institute found out that ma so-and-so, who lives in Chengdu, Sichuan province, did not have the veterinary medicine production qualification, bought raw materials from others, with his house as a production center, has produced and filled more than 10 kinds of pet drugs, including their own shanzhai brand “Mei ×××” brand.Not only did Ma make the drugs look like the real deal because he gave his products “fancy” names, he also colluded with a local printing company employee surnamed Xie.In the case of Ma xx without qualifications and certification materials, in violation of the printing management regulations, for ma XX a large number of printing veterinary medicine packaging, instructions, etc..Reporters learned from the prosecutor, in recent years, many well-known pharmaceutical enterprises have increased the efforts to fight fake rights protection.In order to avoid being targeted, some counterfeiters have found a new way to evade the crackdown by creating their own shanzhai brands.Ma mou mou is such, he created the cottage veterinary medicine brand, the name sounds very Westernized, and the packaging is delicate, deceptive is very strong, and use the asymmetry of information at home and abroad, declared to be the latest Australian brand, just entered the mainland market sales, but in fact is the “black workshop” production of “three products”.These “three no products” after packaging, transformed into imported pet medicine, Ma sold through online channels.In this process, Ma also looked for a number of provincial agents, and formed a sales network throughout the country.Among them, there is no lack of zhao mou knowing that Ma so-and-so is not qualified and authorized, still buy product distribution, or in the network platform to sell at a higher price.In December 2021, The Shanghai Iron Prosecutors’ Court prosecuted Ma and Xie for the crime of producing and selling fake and inferior products. After the trial, the court sentenced Ma and others to the crime of producing and selling fake and inferior products and sentenced them to fixed-term imprisonment of seven years to one year and fined accordingly.And knowingly used animal vaccines, animal drugs for fake purchase, sales of Zhao was suspected of selling fake and inferior products by Shanghai iron procuratorate, the court trial, was sentenced to two years.In the process of handling the case, prosecutors found that, with the younger and high-income pet raising groups, the refined and high-end pet medicine market has become increasingly prominent in recent years, but the existing formal products are difficult to meet such market demand.At present, the veterinary drug products produced by domestic veterinary drug manufacturers are mainly for large-scale breeding of poultry and livestock, mainly to serve and guarantee animal husbandry, and drugs specially for cats and dogs and other pets are less involved.The veterinary medicine that foreign manufacturer imports to home through formal channel, also basically be aimed at stockbreeding.The huge gap between market demand and market status quo is precisely the opportunity for counterfeiters to take advantage of.Therefore, in addition to constantly cracking down on counterfeiters, popularizing legal knowledge and preventing crimes, domestic vaccine enterprises should also make great efforts to refine vaccine varieties, improve the safety and stability of vaccines and meet market demand.Prosecutors also saw a lack of supervision of people in the pet products industry.Many of the people involved in the above cases have pet products industry experience, pet hospital operators, pet supplies store operators, and even regular agents of pet drugs.They with years of experience in the industry, in the grasp of market demand acuity is higher, but in order to seek profits, embarked on the counterfeit, counterfeit road.At present, Shanghai Iron Inspection Institute has started the relevant work, take the initiative to communicate with relevant competent authorities, urge the industry supervision.Consumption tips for people with pets, in order to “hair children” health, for them to choose vaccines, drugs or to leave a heart: as far as possible to choose qualified, large-scale, reputable institutions, businesses to buy pet drugs, online purchase must look for official channels;Before using drugs, users can check the authenticity of drugs on official platforms such as China Veterinary Drug Information Network by “scanning code query”.If any problem is found, please keep the drug and relevant purchase vouchers and report to relevant departments in time.