Sensual luxury sports car, Jaguar XEL interprets the glamour of new British fashion

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Jaguar has always been committed to building high-performance luxury cars, known for attractive design, outstanding performance and superb craftsmanship.Today, the jaguar is full of vitality and spirituality more clearly.Jaguar XEL combines unrepeatable design beauty, sensuous driving experience, forward-looking technology and rigorous manufacturing philosophy to demonstrate the charm of new British fashion.In terms of appearance, Jaguar XEL’s signature J-Blade leopard front-eye LED headlights and flowing turn signals offer elegant movement, and diamond cut wheels create fashion luxury.Among them, the new Jaguar XEL obsidian sport edition, in the roof, around the body, wheels and interior and other details into a bright black design elements, more can highlight the personality of the trend.Jaguar XEL provides six personalized model choices, and the new British green, flame blue, white horse silver three car paint colors, for Chinese consumers to bring the new modern luxury of British driving experience.As for the interior, jaguar XEL’s interior features a yacht-like wrap-around cockpit design and luxurious interior atmosphere lights, interpreting jaguar’s charming design language from the inside out.Luxury Windsor leather hand – made double – needle stitching is visible and details are original.Meridian™ sound system combines advanced digital audio processing technology to create an in-car concert experience.The front seats offer 18-way adjustment and are fitted with soft and delicate luxurious Windsor leather for a comfortable cockpit experience.In addition, the whole system is equipped with standard anion air purification system with PM2.5 filter, which can effectively remove fine particles, bacteria and allergens in the air, and enjoy a relaxed journey at all times.Play intelligence, control the future.Jaguar XEL collect a variety of innovative technology into an organic whole, through a 12.3 -inch LCD all virtual dashboard, Gao Qingchao wide-angle streaming media in the rearview mirror, InControl OS 2.0 intelligent controlling led double honour enjoy touch screen system and the second generation of high-definition full-color look up five screen display system of linkage, brought more intuitive, intelligent and personalized human-computer interaction experience.The new and updated InControl OS 2.0 infotainment system has a clean interface that dramatically reduces the frequency of human-computer interaction.The new generation of natural voice recognition engine enables car owners to control multimedia, navigation and other functions through voice, which improves driving safety while facilitating operation.In addition, the new entertainment system can also help owners to access high-quality online entertainment information such as Ximalaya and Kuwou Music at any time. It also supports Apple Carplay® and Baidu CarLife smartphone operating systems to easily connect the vehicle with the application in the phone.In addition, through the SOTA software online upgrade system, owners can download the latest data at any time without going to the dealer, to achieve real-time update of in-car software.The Jaguar XEL also comes with a range of technology options that enhance the luxury experience while also bringing a more technological travel experience to the owner.Hd ultra wide Angle streaming media rearview mirror, with night view enhancement function, all-weather guarantee clear visibility of road conditions;The second generation of hd full-color display HUD, so that the car owner’s eyes always stay on the road ahead, without lowering the head can easily read the speed, navigation, safety tips, call information and other comprehensive information, convenient for the car owner to calmly follow the driving judgment.Play performance, passion.The Jaguar XEL is a racetrack heritage, powered entirely by an Aviva turbocharged engine, with a flexible powertrain that balances the demands of urban road conditions and high-speed driving.High strength aluminum body construction and a nearly 50:50 body weight ratio ensure durability, reliability and fuel economy.The combination of aluminum double-arm front suspension and multi-link rear suspension can effectively improve steering accuracy, shock absorption effect, as well as the control of body posture, perfect interpretation of jaguar brand inherent gene of movement.To further enhance the experience, the XEL is equipped with a stable and responsive Jaguar drive control system that offers four options including standard, economy, dynamic and rain/snow driving modes.In addition, the driver can flexibly define engine, steering and shift response performance through adjustable dynamic mode, to meet the personalized needs of different driving styles.The XEL also features AUTO HOLD, which allows the driver to control the car’s braking in heavy traffic with one click, without having to frequently step on the brake or use the electronic handbrake, making it a more freewheeling driving experience.Jaguar XEL inherits jaguar track genes and leads British fashion, bringing new modern luxury driving experience and lifestyle to consumers. 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