This league is embracing the future

2022-05-03 0 By

A few months ago, the Serie A season began in story-telling fashion: Juventus made a shaky start after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and spent several rounds outside the European zone;Naples strong attack, after winning a long time to occupy the top of the table;Milan’s unbeaten run has seen no one lose ground as the duo have consistently powered ahead.As the season progressed towards the end, the top of the table became increasingly tight, with both Milan and Napoli at the top of the table: the bianconeri returned to the Champions League after a run of 10 matches unbeaten;Naples had some ups and downs in the middle of the race but was also in the top three;Inter looked tired after the Derby defeat, with only one win in the last six games.AC Milan are currently three points clear at the top of Serie A.In addition to the top four, atalanta, roma, Lazio and Fiorentina are also close behind in their quest for a Champions League place.Sassuolo, though the nerazzurri are 10th in serie A, has been a giant killer this season with victories over both Milan and Juventus.With titles in doubt, competition for places in Europe, relegation uncertainty and the occasional spoiler, Serie A remains one of the most watched football leagues in the world, if not as entertaining and competitive as ever.As Serie A’s slogan says, “We are Football”, this is a league that is both loaded with glorious history and committed to promoting innovation on and off the pitch.And this spring, Serie A chose to embrace the future and start a new chapter:On 8 March, PUMA announced a long-term partnership with The Italian league, which will become the official technical partner of the Italian league from the 2022-23 season. PUMA will also be the official supplier of match balls in the Italian league, the Italian Youth League, the Coppa Italia, the Italian Super Cup and the Italian E-sports Liga.Commenting on the deal, Manolo Shulman, head of PUMA’s sports marketing team, said: “This partnership gives PUMA a platform to promote its brand in one of the premier football leagues in the world, and we will work with Serie A to produce great products, stories and campaigns.”Luigi desilvo, serie A’s chief executive, is also confident: “Together with PUMA, we will provide the highest technical standards for every game and establish a league style that matches the fashion trends of the younger generation.”Pictures from the Internet