What to watch for in the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 17: Gu Ailing’s personal best

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According to the official schedule, six gold MEDALS will be awarded at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Monday. Gu Ailing, one of the top athletes in the competition, will compete in her third halfpipe qualification event of the Games.China’s Gu Ailing, Wu Meng, Zhang Kexin and Li Fanghui will compete in the halfpipe qualifying on the morning of The 17th.Gu, who already won one gold and one silver medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics, will compete in the halfpipe qualifying event, her strongest skill, on Monday.Whether from the competition experience or past achievements, halfpipe skills can be called gu Ailing’s “strengths”.This season, she won all four halfpipe events in the World Cup, and received a crystal ball to symbolize the season championship.After finishing second in slopestyle at the Winter Olympics, she said halfpipe was an important event and her family would be there to watch.Gu ranked first in the IAF halfpipe skills standings, with China’s Zhang Kanxin sixth, Li Fanghui ninth and Wu Meng 16th.The first 12 out of 20 athletes will be selected for the Olympic Qualification competition. We expect all Chinese athletes to perform well and make it to the final.The gold medal will be awarded in the women’s singles free skating competition on May 17.Earlier in the short program, China’s Zhu Yi ranked 27th and failed to qualify for the free skating competition.Russian Olympic Committee member Anastasia Valieva, who has been embroiled in a doping scandal, topped the short program. Two other Russian Olympic athletes, Elena Serbakova and Maria Trusova, were second and fourth, respectively. Japan’s Hanori Sakamoto was third.Valieva, 15, was allowed to continue competing in Beijing, but the number of free skaters she qualified for was increased from 24 to 25 because she was still under investigation.Similarly, if Valieva finishes in the top three in women’s singles, there will be no medal ceremony for the time being.In addition, the women’s ice hockey final between Canada and the United States will be held at noon on The 17th at Wukesong Sports Center.Source: Beijing Daily Preliminary Editor: Wang Yanyan Chief Editor: Gu Zhangtong Review: Qian Zhongbiao Director supervisor: Chen Taicang Supervisor: Wu Xiao Chen Xiyu Chief Supervisor: Chen Zhenshi Recommended reading ↓↓↓