Zheng Qiu Laughingthrong represents: weaving ecological cultural “double-sided embroidery” to create a livable charm city

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Heilongjiang Channel international Online reported (reporter Lyu Dandan) : “This year’s government work report put forward, ‘vigorously develop cultural, sports, radio, film and television undertakings to make people’s lives more enjoyable’, fully reflects the government’s high attention to improving the quality of people’s lives.Mass cultural life is not only a symbol of a city’s civilization, but also a demonstration of people’s quality and taste.”On the afternoon of January 24, at the panel discussion of the sixth session of the 13th Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress, zheng Qiumei, member of the Standing Committee of heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress, vice chairman of the Provincial Party Committee of The Democratic League and president of Harbin University of Commerce, made remarks that resonated with the present delegates, and more delegates joined in the “group chat”.Zheng Qiu laughingthrush, member of the Standing Committee of heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress, vice chairman of the Provincial Party Committee of The Democratic League and president of Harbin University of Commerce, has the strongest cultural demand and the strongest cultural strength at the grassroots level.How to make the cultural life of the masses more rich, more strong cultural atmosphere, gradually improve the well-being of the masses, Zheng Qiu plants advice, to strengthen the new era of cultural venues and style style carrier construction of infrastructure such as leisure square, meet the demand of diversity and personality the spiritual and cultural life of the people, boost comprehensive revitalization of the comprehensive revitalization of heilongjiang province.Zheng Qiumei believes that Heilongjiang province should improve the cooperation mechanism between museums, cultural centers, art galleries, art galleries and libraries and schools, promote the integration of social and cultural venue resources into the education system, and share unique cultural venues with the society in the education system, so as to promote the popularization of knowledge and art.Promote the construction and operation mode of “public assistance” and “public construction and private operation”, encourage social forces to participate in the construction of cultural venues;Speed up digital, networked and intelligent construction of cultural venues, and make use of digital technology to continuously enhance the convenience and accessibility of public services;Promote the integration of cultural venues and tourism, and realize the complementarity of culture and tourism through resource sharing;We will integrate cultural venues with various retail businesses, actively develop new forms of business, and enrich residents’ lives with the services provided by cultural venues.On the other hand, Zheng Qiumei suggested that the construction of green ecological recreational plaza become the standard of urban construction.”A city without green, ecological, recreational, sports and leisure squares, full of dense buildings, just like people without lungs, can not breathe.”Zheng Qiumei said that Heilongjiang province should do a good job in regional planning during urban construction and reconstruction, so that square architectural style, public transportation, and surrounding business types conform to the overall urban planning.Combined with the climate of the alpine region, create a plant landscape with longjiang characteristics;Demolish abandoned and old buildings in the old urban area with limited space, carry out compulsory relocation appropriately, and use part of the space to open up green leisure square;Part of the existing park walls will be removed to realize the beautiful integration of the park and the city;We will accelerate the implementation of leisure squares that have been planned but not yet completed.Finally, the green ecological recreational, sports and leisure square will be built into a dynamic area with leisure and fitness as the theme, green ecology as the background and cultural soul as the connotation, so that residents can enjoy fitness and leisure in the convenience and benefit of the people, feel the cultural influence, realize the harmonious development of human and natural environment, and show the comprehensive strength and humanistic quality of the city.The city is in the garden, and the garden is in the city.This is a beautiful appearance of an ecological livable city, and such a beautiful vision also appears in the suggestions of Zheng Qiumei.”With the development of economy and society, people’s pursuit of quality of life is improving day by day.To this end, I have also brought with me this year suggestions on speeding up the construction of an ecological and livable city in Harbin.”Zheng Qiu Laughingshi said.European style buildings used to be Harbin’s unique urban charm, and the reputation of “Oriental Little Paris” once attracted a large number of tourists. However, with the development of the city, the proportion of such unique style buildings is shrinking day by day, and the advantages have faded out of people’s sight.Zheng Qiumei suggested that urban planning, design and management should be strengthened to further improve the urban quality while focusing on preserving the style, so that European landscape construction can be built from point to surface to form group zone construction.At the same time, we will increase the greening and beautification of the city, which echoes the distinctive buildings at a distance, and strive to improve the overall quality of the city, build a green garden city, enhance the well-being of residents, and drive the development of tourism.In view of the travel and parking problems, Zheng Qiumei suggested strengthening the construction of parking lots in community streets by combining dredging and blocking, reasonably planning driving routes, implementing the construction of intelligent management of single-side parking lanes at the side of the street, and improving the operation guarantee capacity, collaborative supervision capacity and service capacity of street parking.For the classification of domestic garbage, Zheng Qiumei suggested that the garbage should be further subdivided into paper, plastic, clothing, kitchen waste, harmful and other six categories to lay a foundation for the classification, recycling and reuse of resources.At the same time, strengthen the classification of storage and transportation, and accelerate the promotion of kitchen waste into organic fertilizer, fuel, such as technology, plastic scrap into a trash can, plastic tool box technology, such as stone, brick, steel, foam board and other hybrid technology transformation and application of the construction waste into slabs, maximizing the life value of carbon reduction, also make the city cleaner.