From today, zhengzhou Jiaoyun Group bus station to fully resume normal operations

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Elephant news reporter Xia Ping near the Spring Festival holiday home, Zhengzhou car passenger train recovery?On February 5, the reporter learned from Zhengzhou Transport Group, since January 31, the bus station began to orderly restore normal operation of passenger lines, to today all passenger lines have been basically comprehensive recovery.The reporter learned that bus stations in Zhengzhou strictly implemented the requirements of the Regional and Graded COVID-19 Prevention and Control Guide for Passenger Terminals and Transport Vehicles (The sixth Edition) issued by the Ministry of Transport, strengthened the prevention and control of transport stations, strengthened personnel guidance, and avoided crowds gathering. Passengers entering and leaving the stations should wear masks, take their temperatures, and check their health codes.At the same time, we will establish and improve the whole link and process of epidemic prevention responsibility system to ensure the safety of people’s travel.At present, the operating conditions of all buses are as follows: The main lines sent from the central station to the province are as follows:Dengfeng, gongyi, new ones, xinzheng airport, he nan, opinion, mahjong layout, gushi county, hebi, huaiyang, xun county, limiting sulcus, linying, already, luoyang luanchuan, sanmenxia, luohe, cause, changyuan, NaXiang, song, shangqiu, nanyang, puyang, QinYang, mall, ShangCai, front, Tang He, tongbai county, WuGang, wuyang, xihua, XiXia, xixian, xichuan, XiangCheng,Xincai, Xinye, Xuchang, Yucheng, Zhengyang, Zhoukou, etc.At the same time, in accordance with the spirit of the document of the Municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters, from February 5, the central station outside the province also resumed service.The main lines sent to the central station outside the province are: Ningbo, Nanjing, Wuxi, Changshu, Suzhou, Kunshan, Changzhou, Linyi, Liaocheng, Jinan, Yuncheng, Weifang, Jining, Zaoyang, Linfen, etc.From February 6, the central station to the outside of the province of Shanghai, Houma, Lu ‘an, Yicheng, Xuejiawan, Yinchuan, Changzhi, Taiyuan, Dongsheng, Jingjiang, Jieshou, Linquan, Taihe, Hefei, Huaibei, Bozhou, Woyang, Taizhou, Anqing, jianhu and other lines will also resume.East railway station resumed: Zhecheng, Xinmi, Tongxu, Kaifeng, Taikang, Qixian, Dengfeng, Huaiyang, Puyang, Pingyuan New District, etc. Other lines will also be resumed according to the situation.South Station resumption line:WeiShi, YanLing county, zhoukou, ShangShui, duct, ye county, nanyang, pingdingshan, luo river, bao temple, puyang, town, zhao is dam, the core, dengfeng, baofeng, LuShan, duck river power plant, YunYang, south called, wuyang, xichuan, club banners, tongbai, achievers, zhumadian, biyang, basin, ShangCai, YangJi Town, PingYu, HuangChuan, xinyang, gushi county, he nan huai marina, and appropriate road town, zheCheng, Xinmi, Songxian, Yaoshan, Bailang, Sheqi, Taihe, Qinwangmiao, Xiawa, Hongyu Factory, Jinzhuang, Dingzhuang, Xiaoshidian, Ruyang, Zhangliang, Zhuji, Yingqiao.At present, due to the impact of the epidemic, the passenger flow is small. As of 16:00 today, the passenger flow of south Railway Station is 611.North station restore lines: passenger north station to February 5, the opening of the class line are: gushi, QinYang, cause, gongyi, horse factory, jiaozuo, huixian, south village, changyuan, JingLong palace, WeiHui, delay, YuanYang, Jiang Zhuang, xun county, tianjin, Zheng Ping buses, xihua, new ones, east Alfred chuang, puyang, song, luoyang, plain district, for jia, jiyuan, hebi area north of the Yellow River.As of 16:30 today, 514 passengers and 125 flights have been handled.Dengfeng station to restore the line: as of 5 PM on February 5, Dengfeng company opened classes: Zhengzhou, Zhoukou, Kaifeng, Luohe, Zhumadian, Puyang, Changzhi and so on.As of 5 PM on Feb 5, a total of 1,344 passengers were sent and 214 flights were sent.The resumed lines of Xinmi Station: Xinmi to Zhengzhou Central Station, South Station, East Station, North Station, Xinmi to Luyi, Zhecheng, Dancheng, Xincai, Tanghe, Xinyang, Shangshui, Xingkou, Xingyang, Xingyang, Dengfeng, with a total of 95 flights and 64 vehicles, transporting 489 passengers.On February 5, xinmi station sent 65 flights, 37 vehicles and 510 passengers.Zhengzhou Jiaoyun Group hereby reminds passengers: please check relevant epidemic prevention policies of destinations in advance, and prepare 48-hour nucleic acid certificates and other relevant materials as required.Zhengzhou each bus stop hair class case will be subject to the actual hair class, for convenience of the passenger ticket, normalized in epidemic situation to reduce passengers gathered themselves together, and before the station can be in WeChat “yu state line” small programs to query for zhengzhou shipping group or call customer service hotline at 96269 for detailed flight and departure time, after the ticket without paper tickets, can brush face stops directly hold id,There is a soft isolation of one meter pole at the entrance of the station. Passengers must wear masks, scan codes and measure temperatures before entering the station.