How terrible was the Nanjing Massacre during the Japanese invasion of China?Just look at the death toll

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# # the force situation was well-known, comprehensive war of aggression against China, the Japanese started in 1937 nations to defend the two battles with the Japanese in nanjing, the capital of battle, in front of the Japanese training, nations losing at the time, the Japanese scored in December, nanjing since December 13, the months of slaughter, that is devoid of humanity,The Nanjing Massacre shocked the whole world.300,000 or more were killed.To the town of fifty thousand, the Japanese leader, giant, broad daylight to insult people, kill innocent, in hanzhongmen and international safety zone, coal port, where the straw sandals of the collective killings, make a lot of all the victims unable to statistics, other odd slaughter is also unable to statistics, because too many, the bodies are everywhere in the street at that time, use of corpses to describe too much.In the Japanese army of aggression against China, there are even more, well And Noda Takeshi two Japanese officers held “killing competition”, this makes people indignant, inhuman!They not only massacred innocent people and buried them alive, but also smuggled our cultural relics, books and other important cultural objects and burned down one third of our houses.The crimes committed by the Japanese army are too numerous to record!Some people ask, why didn’t the people of the city hide themselves?In fact, there is no way to hide.First, in the previous Nanjing defense battle, the National military had already withdrawn the ferry and blocked the Gate of Yilou River. As a result, people were surrounded by The Japanese army when they were going to the Shimonoseki ferry, and formed a close encircled with the Japanese reinforcements coming from the Yangtze River and shot people at the shimonoseki ferry.Second, the Japanese army entered the city of Nanjing, the implementation of the “three lights” policy, that is, burn, kill, rob, do not give nanjing people the opportunity to escape.Third, the only safe international security zone in Nanjing protected many people at that time, and it was Rabe, the author of Rabe’s Diary, for whom we are very grateful.However, the Japanese army will break through the international treaty to catch people, many people were killed, under the war, there is no absolutely safe place.4. Temples and suburbs were not safe places, and the Japanese army treated them equally. More than 400 innocent people who took refuge in Fesheng Temple and Salesian Home were slaughtered.The huge City of Nanjing was like a hell at that time, it can be seen that the war is so cruel, a day does not drive away the Japanese army, there is no safety at all.Later, according to the Investigation committee of the Nanjing Massacre, the Japanese army massacred 28 cases in Nanjing, scattered massacre 858 cases, the victims amounted to more than 340,000!These innocent lives fell in the Japanese invaders under the muzzle of guns, knives.In order to commemorate the “Nanjing Massacre” and warn the Chinese people, December 13 has been the National Memorial Day for the Nanjing Massacre victims every year since 2014 to pay tribute to the heroes and strive for progress.