Network | festival, Spring Festival today in China, why give lucky money?

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Today is the year of the Tiger!Xiaobian first to wish you a happy New Year in the Year of the Tiger live, tiger leap, tiger add wings!New Year greetings in various forms of traditional New Year greetings are divided into three kinds of one is to kowtow children to the elders of higher grades to kowtow big ceremony two is bowing bowing is generally junior to the elders when the New Year is commonly known as “ji Worship” three is the fist is more than the same generation of New Year, of course,These forms are not commonly used now we are more familiar with the way is wechat, phone and emoticons, but there is also the same change, such as the “excellent” traditional New Year’s money, after all, as the saying goes:Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, no red envelope is not happy spring breeze warm into Tu Su, red envelope to me happy body no colorful phoenix wings, not to red envelope angry long March is always feeling, give a red envelope line?New Year’s money, also called “pressure precious money” legends can be use it down evil doing to ensure all weather the traditional New Year New Year’s money must be at home most older people to give because they are special life experience more pressure strength more lucky money began in the han dynasty is a special casting “anaerobic” money “to wear and play, can’t flow inside palace in tang dynasty began to the spring day to real money,Is not the custom to the folk song dynasty to the Ming and qing dynasties during the Spring Festival finally became the “standard” as of the Spring Festival customs in traditional Chinese culture unique to a kind of “ritual” “lucky money” that long kiss love young, the meaning of reunion blessing is to improve the relationship between the generations is harmony in the joy of New Year atmosphere and, of course, effectively improve the performance of people for New Year’s money we attitude has always beenClearly want to if certain but polite is necessary “pretend to refuse New Year’s money” is the annual acting test to “take take…””And” No, no…”Strike the best balance between:Said, “don’t” tone to jingling and facial expressions to sincere wave refused to pose to firmly but open the pocket action to clear the point of this game is deigned to messenger crazy hinted on New Year’s money have to say when I was a child in the us is really great “cheat” the most classic routines, of course, is “lucky money parents help you accept the” but it was closed for more than ten years it didn’tThere were parents who were a little more concerned, “Come on, give me the money and I’ll do a magic trick for you.You see, the money changed no bar “there are bullying us math is not good” I use two pieces for you a good?”Results 100 pieces for two 10 pieces when I was a child with New Year’s money always money has not covered the heat will be handed over now grow up year-end bonus has not covered the heat and will be sent out in fact, in the final analysis of the true meaning of New Year’s money is not love money how much mind the most important New Year’s Luck!Bless ourselves!Also bless everyone who loves us and the people we love!How much lucky money have you received (received)?Leave a message about ~~ source: Xinhua net · Treasure youth studio