The national football team was defeated!Dong Lu voice again, enumerate 10 refute fan, claim prophet

2022-05-04 0 By

On March 30, China lost 2-0 to Oman, ending its trip to the top 12 of the world Preliminary round in a crushing defeat.The national football team finished in fifth place, four points ahead of Vietnam.Such a result is difficult to satisfy, especially the current world preliminary China team has naturalized players support, but the result is not as good as the previous world preliminary.After the disastrous end of the National football team, it will return to China, the next cycle is the most important domestic World Cup, The Chinese team at home, and strive to achieve good results.China’s top soccer player Dong Lu has revealed 10 things he said on social media about the team’s performance in this year’s preliminary round of the World Cup, which were refuted by fans at the time but have now become a reality.It can be seen that Dong Lu said he once said that the strength of The National football team was at the bottom of the top 12, it was good to narrowly beat Vietnam 3-2, Li Xiaopeng led the team more difficult than Li Tie, the national football team defended the counterattack, naturalized players are not enough to start the Chinese team and bring qualitative changes and so on.Of course, some are indeed right, such as China’s 3-2 narrow win over Vietnam is really good, which is the only victory of China in this world preliminary round of 12.Many people expressed their support, but some fans refuted, saying that Dong lu himself said he was a prophet, but in fact, there are times when he was slapped in the face. For example, he criticized the performance of the Women’s football team in the Asian Cup, saying that the women’s football team should not celebrate too early after winning against Vietnam, and they would regret the defeat against Korea and Japan.Other fans said Dong was an afterthought because he said both good and bad things, and after the national team’s games, he should come up with what he said was right.In the case of no naturalized players, the strength of the Chinese team is indeed the bottom, but because of Alan, Luo Guofu and Jiang Guangtai and other people to join, we naturally have more expectations for the current national team, especially the Football Association also gave a heavy prize, win a game bonus of 6 million, which is very rare in the world football.But unexpectedly, China was expected to compete with Oman and Saudi Arabia for the qualification of the play-off, and even thought to double Vietnam and Oman, and then try to beat Australia, but the Chinese team only won 1 game in 10 matches. It was really embarrassing.Obviously, Luo Guofu and others are older, and it is still unknown whether they can be expected to win the next world preliminary competition, while Zhang Linpeng, Wu Xi and Hao Junmin and others will also quit the national team one after another, aging, the decline in competitive status is inevitable.The National football team will usher in a new generation, but also hope that the next can be good luck.