“Tiger” in Henan Museum appears or is cute or fierce, let’s play “tiger”

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Elephant news reporter Zhou LAN/Wentu Tiger year, to find the tiger!On January 31, the reporter went to the museum of Henan province to look for “tiger cultural relics”.By 10 am, many zhengzhou residents had arrived at the gate of Henan Museum, scanned the health code and rushed to the museum.Reporter noticed that in the pavilion of the jade tiger shape Ji sit before the cultural relics, Mr Zhang with a camera concentrate clap, “today I am a designer, come and take some cultural relics, especially involves cultural relics of the tiger, can retain some information, then use to our design work, or posted online, and interested co-religionists discuss together.”The jade tiger looks like a pottery sitting figure of the Western Zhou Dynasty, 5 cm high, 2.5 cm wide and 2.8 cm thick.Unearthed in 1997 in zikou tomb of taiqing Palace Mayor, Luyi County, Zhoukou, it is very small in size, and can vividly show the three images of tiger head, human body and standing owl, which is already rare. Together with the perfect combination of the three images, the overall shape is smooth and harmonious, and it is even more rare without any sense of obtrusion.Mr. Zhao, a citizen, stood in front of the cultural relics display case and picked up his mobile phone to focus on shooting.”This is a gilded bronze town in the shape of a crouching tiger mixed with silver. It is a cultural relic of the Western Han Dynasty. It looks like a tiger and has the meaning of driving away evil spirits.”Reporters learned that the cultural relics for the Western Han Dynasty, unearthed in Shaanxi Xi ‘an Weiyang Palace township.It is 3.1 centimeters tall, 6.1 centimeters in diameter and weighs 400 grams.Supine, head looking back, lower jaw resting on the rear crotch, wide mouth and nose, eyes slightly open, ears pursed, four PAWS together into an arc, thick long tail bent inward to roll on the ventral side, natural shape, like sleepiness.Tiger town body gilt, which also has mixed silver, mixed silver technology is in the surface of the tiger chisel out a pattern shallow groove, the silver wire pressed into the groove, hammer rolled wrong flat that is.Gold and silver two hue, color collocation natural harmony, appear magnificent.There is a round hole in the center of the bottom from which lead can be poured in to increase weight.Mr. Zhao said that the tiger is one of the important motifs in bronze ware modeling. There are not only independent bronze tiger sculptures, but also tiger ornamentation, tiger shaped ware and tiger ornaments.”In China’s thousands of years of history and culture, elements such as tigers, dragons and phoenixes are reflected in many cultural relics, such as bronzes and porcelain.It’s not surprising, but it’s rare to see it preserved so well.””I also took a gilt tiger-head copper ornament unearthed from a Tomb of Han Dynasty in Jishan, Zibo, Shandong province, and a mixed gold crouching tiger-shaped copper ornament unearthed from zhao Qing’s tomb in Jinsheng Village, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.”Said, Mr Zhao turned over the phone photo album told reporters.”This year is the Year of the Tiger, and I also came to the museum to find some elements of the tiger.Shooting the tiger in the Year of tiger means that the tiger is alive in the year of tiger, and I hope everyone will have good luck in the year of Tiger.”