In the future, digital intelligence will help solve the problem of drug purchase

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This is an era of dramatic change and transformation, in which business logic is constantly changing.Today, the health industry is ushering in changes. Innovation and value have always been the core competitiveness of pharmaceutical companies, and people’s demand for their own health has turned to a higher level.Therefore, how to strengthen the professional service ability, to deliver new service concept to consumers, out of a traditional brand innovation, is the transformation of modern pharmaceutical enterprises to solve the problem.New retail, O2O, medicine delivery home, online medical care to help the outbreak of the national “war epidemic” new retail market, to prepare for the old pharmaceutical industry pointed out a strong direction of transformation.With the help of Internet platforms and prescription circulation platforms, many pharmaceutical enterprises have implemented online and offline layout, realizing massive user capture and marketing increment.New retail, O2O and home delivery have all become key factors for the sustained sales growth of brand pharmaceutical enterprises.Data show that China’s Internet medical scale has reached 19.6 billion yuan in 2020, the transaction scale may reach 226 billion yuan in 2021, and there will be a major breakthrough in 2022.At the same time, under the background of “fighting epidemic” and increasing digitalization and convenience, how to better realize the transformation of convenient drug purchase mode and digitalization medical application scenario has become a big demand of traditional chain drugstores.Where there is demand, there is supply. Some traditional large pharmaceutical enterprises perceive the demand of the market and open the layout of the extension and transformation of the traditional production and sales mode to the operation and service mode.From March 7, 2022 to March 13, 2022, revised smart drug selling machine will carry out offline opening activities in zhejiang model store.The smart medicine vending machine terminal preferential subsidies and offline service specialist guided experience are combined to make the new consumption mode of medicine retail deeply rooted in people’s heart quickly, so as to provide convenient medical treatment for all people under the epidemic situation.”I have a video conversation with the doctor before the medicine vending machine, and buy medicine on the self-service after getting professional medication advice.Online shopping mall can also directly place orders on mobile phones, meituan takeout delivery medicine home, save the rush and trouble, convenient and reduce physical contact under the epidemic, to reduce the pressure of “fighting epidemic” to the society!”Experience can only sell medicine machine citizen Huang said.During the epidemic period, various prevention and control measures made the trend of offline growth of drug retail to online growth.More and more enterprises will focus on the Transformation of the Internet model: online education, teleconferencing, remote consultation in China is in full bloom, and the new pharmaceutical retail industry, which is riding the trend, shows a strong endogenous power and growth potential.The rapid development of the new retail terminal of medicine in 56 cities of China is due to the increasingly mature Internet technology, the increasing consumer demand and health demand of people, and the strong support of national policies.In recent years, the CPC Central Committee, The State Council, the National Health Insurance Administration, the Ministry of Commerce and the National Health Commission have issued 14 policies to support the development of the Internet + medical treatment + medical insurance payment + online prescription drug sales model. Meanwhile, the continuous deepening of the new medical reform and the progress of science and technology have changed the consumption scene and consumption pattern of the whole people.At present, the new pharmaceutical retail industry is moving towards a new stage of more maturity, more concentration and more compliance. These trends will be more obvious in the future development of the industry. Combined with the epidemic, medical reform, Internet + changes in consumer habits and many other factors, the development soil of the new pharmaceutical retail industry presents a brighter prospect compared with the past.