The seven-year itch!Huang Xiaoming, who once loved his wife as much as his life, was finally separated from Yang Ying

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Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy have officially announced their divorce and now their marriage is over, but that hasn’t stopped Internet users from Posting videos of their wedding seven years ago and commenting on the wedding of the century that attracted half of the entertainment industry.In the entertainment industry, Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying are the envy of millions of people. They shocked the whole entertainment industry by spending 200 million yuan on their wedding of the century.Originally a loving couple, who would have thought that “are they divorced?” became their most interesting topic.We should know that Yang Ying’s success is inseparable from xiaoming brother’s resources. Before they met, Yang Ying started from a plane model, never lukewarm and then gradually qingyun.Huang Xiaoming said: “I’m really nervous today, but I want to say, my baby, you are finished. You can wait for the rest.I’ve never been better to a woman, except for my mom.I just want to put the best thing in the world in front of you, you like is my like, your wish is my wish.Even when we’re 70 and 80 and toothless and can’t walk, you’ll still be my little princess.What if you always say I spoil you? If I spoil you, no one else can take you away.”Angelababy: “Xiaoming, I thought for a long time and didn’t know what to say.I really want to tell you, rest assured, in the future life on the road, as long as you look back you will see me.No matter you are tired or unhappy, I will always be by your side, build a family for you, and let you have a very complete life. You are my dream.I hope that when we are old, you will say to me that it is right to look for me in this life.Love you!”I was moved by the vows anyway.There is no one who has not been touched by huang Xiaoming’s sweet words to baby.In the three years since their marriage, Ying has grasped every opportunity, which has completely opened up her fame and contacts in the entertainment industry.After Yang Ying became a strong woman, she and Huang Xiaoming “divorce drama” gradually began.Angelababy many people know the age of 14 made his debut as a model plane from Hong Kong, to give themselves a leaving the country Angelababy, plane model and now in that period is similar to the idols of the draft, not singing and dancing it doesn’t matter, as long as you long good-looking you are advertising, but at the time, in the circle of model is better than Angelababy figure, were gorgeous beauty everywhere,Yang Ying is also only mixed in Japan and Hong Kong 18 line just, and Huang Xiaoming’s identity can be called the day is very different, so in this more than 10 years what happened, can let Yang Ying in the entertainment circle to achieve a big reversal?After her debut, she was embroiled in a scandal with William Chan.When she was interviewed, both denied it, and when no one mentioned it again, it was immediately revealed that the two were in love, which lasted for four years, until she met Huang Xiaoming.In 2010, As soon as Ying met Huang Xiaoming, she immediately admitted that she had broken up with William Chan. Lonely and widowed, Ying and Huang Xiaoming often performed together, and their intimate behavior made people dream, and gossip began to fly all over the world. For these, Huang Xiaoming held a dead attitude to insist to the end.Why are you afraid to admit it?At that time, Huang xiaoming had a girlfriend, who was Li Feer. Many netizens said Yang Ying was a third person without any proof. At that time, Yang Ying was subjected to numerous online bullying and all kinds of negative news about Yang Ying were flying everywhere.We don’t know exactly how, though Huang xiaoming has made it clear that Yang ying is not a third person.Review the affection history of two people, when Huang Xiaoming is in the prime of the day, Yang Ying took this wave dongfeng, begin ascendance.In the mainland, most people knew her because she was Huang Xiaoming’s girlfriend, who arranged for her to board the huayi Friendship ship.Later, Huang Xiaoming officially announced that his girlfriend is Yang Ying, is it very mysterious?In fact, this has something to do with Yang Ying’s family of origin.Yang Ying’s parents are from the grassroots, working as salespeople in a shopping mall to barely support their food and clothing. Due to poverty, Yang Ying had to drop out of school at the age of 14 to enter the society alone. In such a native family, Yang Ying learned the life truth that only people in their 20s and 30s can understand.Although young drop out of school without too much knowledge to broaden their horizons, but does not represent that she is a short-sighted person, otherwise would not have the status of the queen of traffic today.Wait inland, Yang Ying’s development speed is like stepping on the springboard.In 2010, she officially fell in love with Xiaoming Ge, and immediately starred in films with Jacky Cheung, Nicholas Tse and others, and sang duets with Jj Lin.In 2012, the Chinese brothers took the initiative to sign her.In 2013, with no representative work, she became one of the top four actresses in the Mainland, including Yang Mi, Liu Shishi and Ni Ni.In 2014, she was a regular guest on shows like Running Man.According to speculation, the broker of the female stars to the quota of people almost rob broken head, eventually angelababy against the variety let her fire through the streets across the country, at the time the fire angelababy not gone with the wind, she didn’t forget all the way to support his brother xiaoming, perfect match, the two players, it is the a spent 200 million “wedding of the century”.Huang xiaoming and Yang Ying’s relationship is very high profile. The two officially announced their relationship in 2011 and often show their love to the media.In order to give Yang Ying a memorable birthday, Xiao Mingo even threw a million yuan to give Yang Ying a Lamborghini.In 2015, Huang xiaoming directly hired out the entire Shanghai Exhibition Center as the venue for their wedding, which was the height of their popularity and the beginning of the controversy.Huang Xiaoming accomplished to small delicate wife really as say: besides old mama, never so good to another woman.In this wedding, Huang Xiaoming gathered 100 star chefs in the country, invited half of the entertainment circle, Huang Bo, Wang Sicong, Wu Jing and other heavyweight big names to become his best man group, and He Jiong, Xie Na, CAI Kangyong, small S presided over their wedding, which shows the luxury of the scene.On the wedding day, Ying wore a silk dress that took 8,000 hours of embroidery to make and a six-carat diamond ring worth tens of millions of yuan.Huang xiaoming also created a priceless crown for Yang Ying, which was really well-intentioned.The wedding became an after-dinner topic on the Internet for a long time.From dating to marriage to having a baby, the two have enjoyed a good relationship, even if they rarely see each other, they often interact on social media.But as time went by, Yang Ying became busier and busier with her career.Since 2019, the fourth year of their marriage, huang xiaoming and Baby’s sweet interaction suddenly came to an abrupt end, avoiding the same frame in public places and even stopping their interaction on social media platforms, as if they were deliberately trying to get rid of their identity as a loving couple.Yang Ying was playing a game on a TV show. The rule was to text her relatives and see who could get a reply the fastest.Married people naturally thought of their other halves, but when Yang Ying came to her, she said her parents were on vacation and did not talk about Huang Xiaoming. She sent the news to her aunt, which made people speculate.In his golden Rooster award acceptance speech, Huang Xiaoming thanked his family and the director, but did not mention Yang Ying, which reminded people of their love at that time. Huang Xiaoming was the one who delivered a sports car to Yang Ying on her birthday. How could he not talk about it now?Does that explain why divorce rumors are flying around?Yang Ying’s resources are indeed better than before her marriage, with brother Xiaoming’s strength, even if her acting is not good, there are still many young meat and old drama bones for her to match.However, Yang Ying’s acting has not seen any progress, stingy staring fake eating and so on are common.On the contrary, although Huang Xiaoming had a low point, but through their own efforts, acting works have been praised by the industry inside and outside, when his wife has been questioned acting is not good, but as a husband of Huang Xiaoming heart is also very not the taste.Huang Xiaoming gave her the best resources, but Yang Ying’s performance was surprising. All kinds of negative news never stopped. Now Yang Ying has shed her shyness at that time and is no longer nervous in front of cameras.