This year’s Lantern Festival dumplings are a new fashion for young people to suck and eat

2022-05-05 0 By

What’s popular for the Lantern Festival this year?On Feb 14, a platform released a report on the consumption trend of Glutinous Rice balls for the 2022 Lantern Festival.According to the report, the popularity of tangyuan milk tea has skyrocketed on the eve of Lantern Festival, and “sucking and eating” tangyuan has become a new fashion among young people.New flavors such as durian and chocolate are also gaining popularity.According to the report, on the eve of Lantern Festival, more than 8 million people searched for “tangyuan” and “milk tea” at the same time, and more than 37 percent of them were born after 1995.It is not that young people suddenly try to mix “tangyuan” and “milk tea”, but that a number of milk tea brands launched “tangyuan milk tea” products.Related platform person in charge of introduction, during the Lantern Festival this year, some brands jointly launched a new tangyuan milk tea, compared with the traditional tangyuan, milk tea tangyuan single smaller volume, consumers drink milk tea, while “sucking” to eat tangyuan, is becoming a new way of consumption during the Lantern Festival this year.Miss Wu, who was born after 1995 in Xiamen, said that she did not have the habit of eating glutinous rice balls during the Lantern Festival, but after trying the glutinous rice balls with milk tea, she felt very interesting. Combined with the special atmosphere of the Lantern Festival, “I feel I have found a new way to celebrate the Lantern Festival.”In addition to such innovations as milk tea and tangyuan, the taste of tangyuan is changing with each passing day.Among the traditional flavors, sesame dumplings are still popular all over the country, ranking first in popularity.Among the new flavors, durian and chocolate dumplings are the most popular among consumers, with more than three times as many stores as other new flavors.