51job.com releases the “2022 Spring Festival Consumption Survey Report”

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Shanghai, February 7, 2022 / PRnewswire / — As of February 5, 149 key monitoring business circulation enterprises in Nanjing achieved A 9.3% year-on-year increase in sales, Chengdu’s A-level tourist attractions achieved A 35.1% year-on-year increase in ticket revenue, JINGdong platform during the 2022 Spring Festival transaction volume increased by more than 50% year-on-year…For most workers, Spring Festival is one of the few long holidays of the year, when a series of expenses are concentrated.With the renewal of the concept of consumption during the Spring Festival and the advocacy of “celebrating the Spring Festival on the spot” in the case of local outbreaks of epidemic, the pattern and distribution of consumption during the Spring Festival of working people have changed.China’s leading human resources service provider 51 job recently released the workplace 2022 Spring Festival consumption survey report (hereinafter referred to as “” report”), the report shows that nearly thirty percent of the workplace of the lunar New Year holiday spending more than income, “filial piety gold/lucky money”, “buy necessities/gift” into main spending more than forty percent of the people in the workplace,Young professionals pay more attention to “ritual” and prefer “social consumption”.The number of people involved in the report investigation reached more than 5500 people, men and women proportion flat main distribution area of guangdong, jiangsu, shandong, Shanghai, zhejiang, Beijing and other eighty percent population ages on 25 ~ 35 years old, working fixed number of year 3 ~ 5 years reached 58.3%, 6 ~ 9 years experience than 26.9% of respondents.According to the report, 28.3 percent of people spend more than their monthly income during the Spring Festival holiday.16.7% and 17.8% respondents indicated that the spending of Spring Festival holiday accounted for 80.0-100.0% and 40.0-60.0% of their monthly income respectively, while the spending accounted for less than 20.0%, 20.0-40.0% or 60.0-80.0% of their monthly income did not exceed 13.0%.32.3% of respondents spent 5,000 to 10,000 yuan during the Spring Festival holiday, 18.8% and 19.5% spent 2,000 to 5,000 yuan and 10,000 to 15,000 yuan respectively.In terms of use, due to localized outbreaks before the lunar New Year holiday, people in the home properties in the workplace across provinces and cities “initiative” travel spending than down “filial piety gold/lucky money”, “with special purchases/gift” two large overhead become main expenses according to the survey, more than forty percent of the people in the workplace nearly seventy percent on their elders red envelopes during the Spring Festival holiday,Nearly 40% of the post-1980s generation is related to the region. The proportion of the working people in second and third-tier cities such as Fuzhou, Xi ‘an and Hefei in these two categories of expenditure is significantly higher than that of the working people in first-tier cities.The report also looked at whether the annual bonus is enough to cover the holiday expenses. Of those who have received an annual bonus for 2021, 55.7 percent said the amount provided by their company is not enough to cover the holiday expenses, while 26.8 percent said the amount is basically the same as the holiday expenses.Only 17.5 percent said they would be able to make a profit from their year-end bonus, but at the same time, more than 70 percent of respondents said their annual bonus played a big role in sharing the cost of the holiday.According to the 2021-2022 China Gift Economy Industry Research and User Consumption Behavior Analysis Report, more than 70% of China’s gift economy users believe that they should give gifts to their parents, in-laws, children and grandparents at least once a year.The Spring Festival is usually the peak of gift-giving. “Red envelopes cost 5,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan for New Year goods, 2,000 yuan for New Year clothes, 5,888 yuan for New Year dinner…”When asked whether the lunar New Year holiday spending pressure, more than forty percent of respondents said “no pressure, overhead in affordable” said “there are certain pressure accounted for 35.2%, among them, the” greater responsibility/spending next year “, “spending is out of step with income”, “a debt of gratitude to calculate” by respondents thought is the main source of stress factors.”Social consumption” and “sense of ceremony” are different from the “home/family style” of peanuts, melon seeds, cakes and other old products of the older generation. Compared with the material needs of “eating”, young working groups represented by the “post-90s” attach more importance to social entertainment and sense of ceremony during the Spring Festival holiday.More than 7 into the respondents conducted at least once during the Spring Festival holiday go out social consumption, health bureau, bureau, bureau, bureau of mahjong game, such as the script of a young group in the workplace “good heart”, some “on New Year’s day” of the respondents said the first two weeks before the Spring Festival began a net friends group bureau of city not returning.”Ritual”, on the other hand, more and more attention to stick couplets with their family and friends/grilles, temple fair to put cold fireworks, the first new dress of the New Year, a photo taken for their New Year/Vlog, buy yourself a New Year gift (digital products/exercise classes), and so on, also become the workplace young group a part of the lunar New Year holiday spending.