In the fight against the epidemic, everyone is a soldier

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In the face of the grim situation of COVID-19 prevention and control, all the policemen of Pingguo People’s Court have the courage to assume their responsibilities and fight on the front line of “epidemic”, writing a song of praise for the court policemen to stick to their original intention.The frontline of the epidemic is the gatekeeper of the people’s health.In the court, wearing robes and holding mallets, they are the judges who guard fairness and justice;Wearing red armbands and sinking down the “epidemic” line, they are the soldiers who have fortified the battle line against the epidemic.In the front line of epidemic prevention, Pingguo Municipal Court was moved by the order. President Tan Yong took command and all staff were in place quickly, fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control and serving the people.At each intersection, 37 police officers from pingguo Municipal Court were on duty day and night to ensure that no one could enter or leave, and to prevent the spread of the epidemic.In the grid community, the hospital of 100 officers formed a volunteer service team, 24 hours in turn on duty, door to door registration books, find out the bottom number.At the quarantine point, 3 police officers are responsible for personnel management, data statistics, logistics services, to ensure that the quarantine personnel are timely and properly settled.At the nucleic acid testing site, the police in charge of the input of nucleic acid sampling information worked hard for 15 hours every day, demonstrating the responsibility of the court personnel…When the epidemic hit, some police officers were away from home, while others were still immersed in the joy of reuniting with their families.However, no matter where you are, the epidemic is an order and prevention and control is a responsibility. In the midst of the ravages of COVID-19, they volunteered to go down to the front line and write the style of fighting the “epidemic” of the court staff with unknown dedication and perseverance.Among them are party members and the general public, young cadres and veteran comrades who have fought bravely for the present.There are emergency rescue teams working on the front lines of epidemic prevention and there are also Party members volunteering in sunken communities.A tent, two chairs, and a table were their equipment for duty.There was no heating in the tent, and in the damp, cold weather, the policemen’s faces and hands were red with cold, and they were too busy to drink hot water.”Stand guard, make phone calls, take your temperature, fill out forms…”It is these seemingly insignificant efforts that have supported the fight against the epidemic at the grassroots level.The police stick to the front line of fighting the epidemic 24 hours a day, with flesh and blood for the city to fight the epidemic work load forward.The epidemic may have stopped traffic, but it has not stopped love.Pingguo city court police with enthusiasm to serve the masses, passing on a thick world of great love.On February 9, Pingguo city court officer Liao Guangmin was on duty at the Dao ‘e checkpoint in Xin ‘an Town when he found three thinly dressed people hovering anxiously around the checkpoint.After inquiry, the three people are guizhou, one of them pregnant, driving through Pingguo on the night of February 6, the traffic accident occurred.When they arrived in Pingguo city with the rescue truck, pingguo city coincided with the launch of the “no entry, no exit” epidemic prevention measures, forced to stay.After getting the certificate of departure issued by the relevant department of Pingguo City, they wanted to find a car to go to Long ‘an and then return to Guizhou, but failed to go, so they had to return to their duty station.Pregnant women should not travel back and forth. For safety reasons, Liao guangmin suggested that the three inform their families to drive to the intersection of pingguo expressway to avoid unnecessary trouble.Three people listen to Liao Guangmin’s advice, decided to return to the city to wait for the family to pick up.Liao Guangmin see pregnant women mobility inconvenience, take the initiative to drive escort three people back to the original hotel.On the way, Liao explained the city’s epidemic prevention and control measures and precautions patiently, hoping that they could understand, support and cooperate with relevant departments.Court police warm-hearted, let three people grateful.The epidemic is ruthless, there is love in the world.Pingguo city Court also has many warm-hearted police officers like Liao Guangmin, they use intimate service to convey warmth to the masses.Online case handling “zero contact” to solve disputes for the public “acceleration” epidemic prevention is the top priority, the city seems to have pressed the “pause button”.However, the judiciary does not “stop” for the people.Since February 6, The Pingguo Court has made full use of online channels such as the mobile micro Court and 12368 litigation service platform to provide online filing, online delivery, online mediation and online court sessions, fully ensuring people’s demand for litigation services during the epidemic prevention and control period.As of February 10, pingguo Municipal Court received 25 filing materials and appeal materials online and by mail.Answered and consulted 32 times with 12368 litigation service platform;Through the online “space” dialogue with the parties, 5 cases of successful court hearings and mediation, and 7 cases of online execution;A total of 72,500 yuan has been frozen and withheld online, which enables the parties to quickly resolve disputes without leaving their homes, ensuring that prevention and control are not relaxed, and litigation is “not closed”.Up and down the same desire to win, who stand together through thick and thin.In this battle without smoke, Pingguo city court police incarnated soldiers, charge, with practical action, practicing the clanged oath of the court, faithfully fulfill the duties and missions of the court, build a line of defense of steel for the people, bravely protect social fairness and justice and people’s happiness and well-being.