“The Analects of Life yong also chapter” 27 the gentleman learned in the text, about the ceremony, can also fu Bank yi fu

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The Master said, “The superior man is well learned in writing, and he can make an invitation to be polite.””For the official, benefit a party”.Say, easy.It is extremely difficult to do.It is not easy to deliver any reform that will benefit the people.The first is to change the concept of thinking. We can see how difficult it is to change the concept of thinking because of the great debate that “practice is the only criterion for testing truth”.Second, break through the theoretical shackles.Third, get rid of regulations.It not only involves everyone’s thought and understanding, but also touches everyone’s vital interests, and conflicts with the existing rules and regulations.You never know till you have done it.It is impossible for those who have not experienced it themselves to understand the hardship, bitterness, hot and sour.The surest and most useful way for a party, a leader of a government, is to look at history as a mirror and draw inspiration from its experience.This is called “a gentleman is wise in writing.”The book that Chairman MAO read over and over again is the “historical mirror”.Not bound by rules and regulations, and do not violate the principle, it is called “about the ceremony, can also fu Bank yi fu.”