Gongyi City epidemic prevention and control headquarters held the 22nd regular working meeting

2022-05-07 0 By

On the morning of January 27, the 22nd regular working meeting of the Municipal headquarters for epidemic prevention and control was held to make arrangements for epidemic prevention and control work during the current and Spring Festival period.City leaders Deng Yingwen, Li Meng, Wei Wenhong, Jing Xiaoming, Wang Jifeng attended the meeting.At the meeting, the principals of “one office, four departments and four specialized classes” and related units reported the development of key work and the implementation of various measures respectively.The leaders attending the meeting re-emphasized the current key work.Deng Yingwen, deputy secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, urged the party to thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, strictly follow the requirements and instructions of the higher authorities, strictly guard against the epidemic, strengthen management, unremitting, plug loopholes, and resolutely guard the position of epidemic prevention and control.We should strengthen our political position, raise our ideological awareness, strengthen personnel management, strictly follow the instructions of superiors, and do our work well.We should strengthen the management of traffic bayonets, give full play to the functions of all traffic bayonets, improve corresponding measures based on the actual situation, adhere to flexible and humanized management, make the “first pass” at the entrance well, and guard the bottom line of “preventing external input”.We need to strengthen community prevention and control, implement measures such as “scanning codes”, strictly control key personnel, increase the frequency of environmental sampling tests, and further strengthen community prevention and control defense.To strengthen the management of the tourism industry, in accordance with the requirements of the superior, the implementation of booking, peak shifting, limiting traffic and other measures, to create a safe and orderly tourism environment.We should strengthen vaccination, increase publicity and guidance, further improve measures at vaccination sites, and continue to promote vaccination in a safe, orderly and efficient manner.It is also necessary to strengthen personnel management of municipal units and town (sub-district) organs, comprehensively review the situation of booster shots of COVID-19 vaccine in all units, and ensure that no one is missed.We need to improve our Spring Festival plans, strengthen our on-duty duty, and formulate emergency plans in advance to ensure the safety of the Spring Festival with targeted prevention and control.We need to strengthen inspection and rectification, and urge all units to identify weak links and fill loopholes through random inspections, so as to firmly build a defense line for epidemic prevention and control.Source: Gongyi Rong Media Center, author: Han Xiaohong, Cui Yiyuan Article \ photo, editor: Yang Ruirui