Rainwater solar term Chinese medicine health

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“In the first month, heaven a fresh water, spring began to be wood, but wood, will be water, so the rain after spring, and the east wind is thawed, is scattered for rain.”Traditional Chinese medicine believes that after the rain, with the increase of rainfall, the evil of cold and dampness is most likely to trap the spleen.At the same time, the dampness is difficult to remove, so the spleen should be protected before and after rain.The key that spring raises lienal depends on adjusting chang liver above all, maintain liver qi to harmonize smooth, want to maintain balanced on diet, the protein in food, carbohydrate, adipose, vitamin, mineral should maintain corresponding proportion.At the same time, but also to maintain the five tastes, as far as possible to eat less spicy food, eat more fresh vegetables and so on.Secondly, we should pay attention to invigorating the spleen and dampness.Spring is chilly, and moisture generally comes with “cold”, so we must pay attention to keep warm before and after rain, do not catch cold.At the same time, eat less raw and cold things to protect the spleen and stomach Yang qi.Usually can eat more such as crucian carp, carrot, yam, millet and other food, in order to achieve the purpose of spleen.Rain season, but also to prevent “reverse cold”.This is because the rain in early spring will cause a sudden drop in temperature, which is especially a great threat to the health of the elderly and children, especially when the temperature drops suddenly, the blood pressure of the elderly will increase significantly, easy to induce heart disease, myocardial infarction, etc.;Children are prone to respiratory problems caused by temperature changes, leading to colds and fevers.So remind everyone, spring should pay attention to keep warm, do not reduce clothes too early.(Contributed by Qinghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine) Qinghai Daily (February 19, 2022, 4th edition: Important News) Statement: All the above contents are original works of Qinghai Daily, except the source indicated.