To have the source of water to meet this “ten innovations” driven spring

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Guest commentator Cui Qingquan vegetation hair, spring mountain is expected.The 2022 Work Mobilization Conference of Shandong Province clearly proposed the target prospect of “Ten Innovations”, and awarded high-level commendations to 72 outstanding entrepreneurs who are committed to innovation and committed to making concerted efforts, sending out a strong signal and clear direction of encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, which gave a boost to all walks of life and received a flood of praise online and offline.The source of qilu’s high-quality development is flowing water, which is germinating in people’s hearts. The spring tide is gradually rising, and market subjects and individuals are ushering in another “happiness is created” spring.Reform and innovation, the mighty torrent.We have launched the “Ten Innovations” campaign, which has been guided by the principles of “pioneering in all respects” and “three pioneering in all respects”. We are making breakthroughs in replacing old drivers of growth with new ones., shandong province, the core of the innovation in the development of the country, comprehensive, systematic, plasticity strengthening science and technology research and development, talent education and digital revolution, the industrial ecological elements, security, business environment, the people’s livelihood improvement, risk prevention and control, culture promotion, promote to carry out the ten aspects such as innovation, will be for the injection of high quality new era revitalized the strong power,Release the flowing water from the source.Outbreak in one hundred is that the current global change and century mixed stack, accelerate the evolution, unstable uncertainty markedly increased, as a coastal open provinces new more difficulties we are facing the challenge, high-quality development also has many weaknesses weaknesses, but in the struggle for many years, formed the quite prominent comparative advantage, this is the confidence and style.As long as we are committed to innovation, take up the responsibility for innovation, strengthen our weak points and turn our comparative advantage into a winning force for development, the time and momentum will remain with us.In the waves of reform and opening up, it is the entrepreneur group that set fire to the prairie, struggling to describe the moving picture of “from following to leading, from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing”, and they are still the main writer of the market chapter of “Spring Story”.More than 40 years ago, when the reform broke the ice, a large number of courageous and innovative Shandong businessmen started businesses and grew up, forming a team of shandong entrepreneurs with distinctive characteristics of The Times, regional characteristics and advanced standards, and tempering the great entrepreneurial spirit.72 outstanding entrepreneurs were honored at the provincial annual conference, which is precisely encouraging and effectively stimulating entrepreneurship.Major measures such as r&d in innovative science and technology, talent recruitment and training, digital transformation, industrial ecology, factors of production and business environment are aimed at gathering and encouraging enterprises and entrepreneurs to unleash their innovative driving forces at greater intensity, depth and scope.This year is the decisive year of “five years of breakthroughs” in the transformation of old and new driving forces. Therefore, facing the future of high-quality development, Shandong has never looked forward to entrepreneurship like now.All the outstanding entrepreneurs who have been commended this time have issued a proposal to the entrepreneurs of the province, and the entrepreneur group should resonate with the new era, inject vigorous power for high-quality development through innovation and creation, and help to make a great leap before “achieving a breakthrough”.The good signals of “ten innovations” and policy guidance released by the provincial annual conference not only reflect the macro situation of high-quality development, but also take care of the micro individuals who “hope to live a brilliant life”.For example, we will strengthen talent introduction, education and innovation, and introduce new measures to give all kinds of talents trust, opportunities, incentives and a stage.For example, we need to strengthen innovation in improving people’s wellbeing. We need to adopt new ideas and new measures to ensure that people have new channels for increasing their income, new medical experience, and better living conditions.For example, we need to strengthen innovation in risk prevention and control, and ensure that the environment, food and medicine, social stability, and epidemic prevention and control are all well protected.The sense of gain, happiness and security of hundreds of millions of Qilu children is becoming more substantial, more secure and more sustainable. Everyone’s dream of innovation and entrepreneurship can blossom proudly on this hot land and be integrated into the surging spring tide of the new era.We will forge ahead on the path of “pioneering in all respects” and “pioneering in all respects”, and unswervingly let the people become the source of social progress in their pursuit of a better life. This innovation-driven spring has blossomed in the hearts of the people.