Hoodies are no longer popular with shorts. Learn from the fashion blogger’s “trendy collocation” to reduce the age of youth

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The important meaning that fashionable wears build depends on dissolve heavy feeling, obtain lightsome figure, fashionable got a person to go up in sheet tastes choice always favour to reduce age most.Now with the development of era, aesthetic is changing, the trendy fashion blogger collocation again, hooded fleece is no longer a fixed, tie-in knickers who trousers become its new partner, as is the manner of mashup fold wear, it is the aesthetic fashion standing, through a simple sheet is tasted, focusing on the upper part of the overall its very fit,Carefully outline a wordless style.Style switch should be established in comfortable and natural circumstances, the collocation of hoodie and pants can be embellish a very magical effect, compared with sexy and ostenting, more interpretation is a kind of casual wind.Besides, when we remember collocation even, do not want too procrastinate, administrative levels are rich the collocation ability that has difference again will good-looking modelling make.Tie-in formula 1: connect hooded guard coat + defend pants = vigor + reduce age Tips: with lubricious guard coat match defend pants vigor full still reduce age fashionable detail is keen and exquisite, the hooded guard coat that pure color fastens suits vigor to send the schoolgirl very much, it is having dyed-in reduce age feeling.Wearing small white does not need to wear random, through the matching of the same color system hoodie, plus the same color system of the pants is very age-reducing.However this still is not jing Jing peak, must choose fabrics downy and have the knitting type that hangs down a feeling, look slant thick, nevertheless feel very soft, thick thin moderate, suit to go out very when wear build.An aesthetic collocation that most people know is to add some classic backpacks on the basis of solid colors.As a whole, it no longer seems to drag and casual, with the accessories element of harmony, easily let you become the protagonist.In addition, from the point of view of texture, must notice in fashionable outfit to wear take a delicate feeling, pure cotton fabrics is a good partner of hooded fleece, good sense, to paraphrase in overall style to the style of strengthening, casual hooded fleece suits are generally biased towards the horizontal extension, tie-in and recreational backpack and bloated, improve administrative levels.Tips: bump color sneaker to break depressing breath, show ankle more show double leg fine sweet and cool fairy pays attention to the delicate ornament between different sheet tastes style very much, the occurrence of bump color sneaker can match color and style dandy between at hand.From the point of view of design, it forms a strong contrast with white, but it can be soft and natural deployment together, harmonious and natural collocation of colors, exquisite attention, can make your texture excellent, but also enhance the sense of high-level atmosphere.In addition, the appearance of pant pant can release the sense of space, exposing the ankle to make the legs more slender.Collocation formula 2;Hooded garment + 100 pleat skirt = nifty girl feeling Tips: fleeciness skirt places more show petite and exquisite hooded garment more through fashion, as a foundation money can wear a nifty girl feeling, the reason depends on matching color simple and pure and fresh, add clipping design simple, 100 pleat skirt is very green be permeated with, more outstanding and unusual attractive temperament.From fleeciness skirt places on look, what it lets modelling is primary and secondary bright, highlight those who double leg is fine, look more small and exquisite, aggrandizement after feminine flavour, the figure stands the test more.Tips: tall help canvas shoe shows leg fine to still have girl feeling very much to be able to advocate a lovely and daze cool feeling, tall help canvas shoe becomes fashionable ornament, pure color department appears drab and dry, to be able to undertake elegant aggrandizement, ought to join element of bump lubricious wind, retain a style, let tender woman flavour release slowly come out.High-top canvas shoes are a great way to show your legs, and although the pieces are too simple, style mix and match is a proven way to never disappoint.Even hat + fastenings more show lovely and nifty a suit white also can be lovely, casual fashion ability moves people’s hearts.The hoodie design adds a touch of elegance to the mix, instantly upgrading the image.According to the elements of the embellish, it can cope with the everyday style. In addition, we can find that the straps on the espadrilles also contrast with the straps on the hoodie, which exudes unprecedented lightness and playfulness between the two.From a matching point of view, this outfit stands out in a large area of solid colors, which is reflected in the soft texture of pure cotton fabric.Tips:Loose version to highlight slim elegant woman like tight clothes to modify shape, in fact the wardrobe has a few loose girl version of the type of clothing to cope with life in the scene, in addition to this, although it is very easy, but it does not appear procrastination, the reason is that the appropriate degree of the skin, show slender slender legs is also a kind of dark chuo chuo machine carefully, highlight slim easily.Formula 3: Hoodie + ripped jeans = Height + Stylish Tips:They will give you a modern modern look. They will give you a modern modern look. They will give you a modern modern look. They will give you a modern modern look and give you a modern look.Such style appears to have type already, and still do not procrastinate, classic collocation ability is popular in young people team for so many years.Tips: panasonic on tight highlight slender legs slim on the version of it, the collocation of panasonic tight due to the material of the item, loose blue hooded fleece foil has the effect of the skin fair-skinneds in vain, slender and tight jeans have played an important role in shaping slender legs slim, panasonic on tight coordination just right, is another kind of fashion focus breakthrough.Tips:Increase cortical sheet is tasted more handsome and advanced a set of beautiful soul outfit is the emergence of cortical sheet is tasted, neutral wind as top multivariant style, its accessories with cool item is a good partner, tried and atmospheric contracted style have qualitative feeling more need a bag, choose to have character of black bags, choose be careful to compare with inclusive, don’t be too DaTiLiang,Be able to write its varied effects with simple designs.Tips:Hole in the skin is feral essence of glamour fashionable are also keen to handsome and advanced sense, it’s not very pick of people, this is because it is decided to overwork overall harmonic, from the point of the design of jeans, light blue color is just the break through the old, hole design bared skin have wild charm, have to say that a mature woman can change into a natural and unrestrained modelling more blunt.Simple and agile collocation must choose hoodie and pants, pants is no longer a fixed product, daily grace, gentle, sweet, delicate these keywords are related to the above three sets of modeling, it is appropriate to show a soft curve, and do not lose their own personality, as the spring wear, it is really the style of love.Disclaiming: The photos in this article are from Instagram, and the bloggers appear in order respectively: @H.Eli, @Z5nee, @hani__vely. 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