Observation of The Spring Festival on Alipay platform: Health service mini-program growth leads the rise of immersive interactive cultural travel

2022-05-08 0 By

Health and exercise are the most important keywords in the Spring Festival, according to data released on Alipay’s open platform on February 6.The health service industry led the growth in small programs, with the Asian Cup and The Winter Olympics directly driving the boom in sports small programs and service access.During the Spring Festival, various industries got off to a good start with digital services. Online consultation, health card and other small programs in the health service industry led the way with a 325% month-on-month increase. Brand retail, offline catering, scenic spots and pet services also achieved overall growth.The top 10 popular Spring Festival programs, including the National Government Service Platform, Star Charging and Disney China, cover government affairs, cultural travel, recycling, well-known IP and many other fields, reflecting the new trend of festivals.The rise of interactive cultural travel, Henan Shaolin Temple opened an official small program “Cloud on Shaolin” and online Alipay basement kung fu interaction, attracted more than 350,000 people online “kung fu practice”;Pets are also in the mood for the New Year, with a small app named “Yunbaobao” on the list. Its data show that pet bathing and health check-up services are booming during the Spring Festival.In addition, popular sports events also add a lot of New Year’s feeling. According to the data of Alipay platform, the search volume of “Women’s football” increased 178-fold in a week after The Chinese women’s football team advanced to the Asian Cup final, and the opening of the Winter Olympics boosted the visit volume of “China Sports” mini program by 900% month on month.