Rheumatism, how does rheumatoid recuperate oneself

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Aunt Shan, I know you are very hard, but people are not in a good mood when they are sick, so I trouble you again.I’m not feeling well recently got rheumatoid, there are 3, 4 months now, and see your moxibustion, I now take medicine generation of moxibustion, but I feel to take medicine and moxibustion conditions have no temper, I now sleep every day, we’ll feel whole body all active joints pain, symptoms can tap in the afternoon, I now moxibustion of moxibustion is a big job, kidney, foot three mile these holes,I should still have those degrees. The rheumatology hospital I went to admitted me. What should I do?Every day I see many patients here discussing their illnesses.With regard to rheumatism and rheumatoid diseases, it takes a lot of time to treat them.Moxibustion can’t see the effect, if you do in the short term because of the need to put your body in the wind, cold, wet, and gradually expelled in vitro, so it requires a certain amount of time, sometimes we feel that even if you use for three months, two months is certainly not, maybe you need time to gears, even a life time to recuperate.When you do the moxibustion, pure do shoulder, or a big job, or is shen shu, st 36 these meridians, or a little less, you still want to be your pain, such as elbow pain and knee pain, lumbar pain, ankle pain moxibustion, etc. All these pain points need to do, so you are in the process of treatment need a long time,And need a lot of acupoints, as well as the suspension moxibustion of coarse moxa sticks, so the treatment may take a long time, but the effect will be slowly reflected in the long term.So HERE I recommend a herbal warm moxibustion stick. This warm moxibustion stick can be stuck at your pain point when you sleep at night. This herbal warm moxibustion stick keeps heating for about six hours.Some lesions may blister when you are finished.But there is a saying called “moxibustion sore, cure such as scratch”, so rheumatism, rheumatoid diseases, you do not feel that you will be better in a few days, you have to stick to it, slowly you will experience, your body’s Yang is enough, immunity has improved, the disease is slowly improving.