Transformation strategy of Chen Liang Mouth: Chen Liang Mouth 2020-2021-2022 Series 3

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Wen’s Waterfowl Business Division investigated and planned the on-site Wine exhibition, and learned about hanke model hundreds of billions of enterprises. Wen’s Waterfowl Business Division office of Wen’s Group launched the first batch of deeply processed products on the market.Climb up book launch image films, published in hunan radio and television anchor mango v shows the photographer in photographed image Building modelling receive expert judges certificate for the 5 s gold medal expert judges with the industry’s leading media platform New ingredients to achieve strategic cooperation platform, was invited to the national industry experts employed new ingredients, a think-tank.Visit hunan Radio and Television Mango V anchor committee, Flower garlic Media.Visit hundreds of billions of enterprises Wen’s Group heart kitchen broadcast, and the heart kitchen broadcast network red star group photo.Visit with customers of Xuntai sauce wine to develop the production process of polishing bottle shape.Investigate Shandong Heze, Yao and Shun Peony Industry Group.Arrived in Henan Lankao to participate in lankao Tong Flower festival.Visited and investigated Asia’s largest brown mushroom enterprise, Henan Luoyang Aujit Brown mushroom Industry Group.Wen’s heart kitchen wax duck marketing small kitchen kitchen, air class Foshan porcelain sea international, experts explore shop visit Henan Huangchuan County, the world duck king, Henan Huaying group.Wen’s Group fujian, Shengnong Group West Lake International Digital E-commerce Competition, Guangzhou station, expert judges served as the chief strategic transformation consultant of transformation Dacheng platform to observe customers, bird’s nest leader,President Wan Yan special live broadcast in the flag sticky bean bag frozen food exhibition hundred billion enterprise Wen Group, egg product workshop production ceremony Hundred billion enterprise Wen Group, Wen Jiarun fresh goods ordering meeting.China international advertising, 27 yunfu emerging in xiamen, longshan tea time weekly holy land, the wine in the sixth responsible consumption BBS, BBS in guangzhou to attend the marketing conference in guangdong 2020 senior online platform lecture recording Senior search online platform Cat’s mouth is very big, the seventh Chinese brigade marketing summit wing comfortable good meat, live electricity jingdong section.Golden yellow Hakka wine outdoor advertising, electronic screen advertising in Shanghai, Yunfu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other airports, stations, communities.Led Hua Hongbing, Zhu Yutong, Yang Hong, Mo Xiaojun, Su Jing and other Chinese experts to serve as judges, business mentors and brand marketing officers of Mango V Anchor Competition of Hunan Radio and Television.Business research magazine cover character Guangzhou young transformation strategy consultant advertising Shanghai Railway media Guangzhou young transformation strategy consultant advertising yunfu advertising association Guangzhou young transformation strategy consultant advertising yunfu outdoor and electronic screen square in the flag sticky bean buns, products are very popular.In the flag classic sticky bean buns, series of products are very popular.Yunfu, planning case 20 years essence live share 100 billion enterprises Wen’s Group Spring Festival high-speed rail departure advertising conference 100 billion enterprises Wen’s Group Museum I and Chinese advertising 20 years series:China advertising magazine with me all the way to grow the jiangxi gold culture, help customers into the industry’s gold medal belonging chafing dish barbecue food supermarket in March 2021, foshan follow table wine sauce, especially suitable for the sense of guangdong population sauce wine brand in guangzhou young sent with soft continous transformation strategy consultant ads login new ingredients magazine platform, and the new food magazine alliance strategic cooperation, share 200000 dealers,Food ingredients channel data resources.On May 10, 2021, deliver a speech on brand Day in Yichun, Jiangxi province. The cover of China’s Top 500 Brands magazine is:Cat’s mouth, for the first time meet can clinch a deal with the customer internal printing edition printed books in a set of ten, internal edition, in the circle of friends is fully visit a doctor’s health industry group, with doctor’s business, all the way along the kai yuan spring blueberry wine brewing base in guizhou guizhou Carey sour soup fish table is tea industry project communication,Back mountain is soy sauce Chaoshan characteristics fresh pepper sauce guizhou Renhuai Small, medium and micro chamber of Commerce listed, Renhuai Zhonghao Wine industry new Third Board listed guests Jiangxi Wigu Village cellar old wine tourism base, for enterprises to customize the characteristics of good wine as Guangdong Agriculture Department, Southern Metropolis Daily,Foshan Xuntai characteristic sauce wine internal communication sports channels selling goods internal research Chengdu Yonghui research selling mushrooms, mushroom little sister brown matsutake series products.Chengdu promotion actual combat exchange Shanxi Xinghua Village Fenjiu Group speech forum