Wenchang characteristic folk Lantern Festival “send lanterns” place good wishes

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In Wenchang, Hainan province, it is a traditional folk culture to send lanterns for the Lantern Festival.On the evening of February 15, the Lantern Festival was held in Gaochun village, Tanniu town. The leaders of the lantern owners went from house to house to send lanterns, beating drums and gongs, to express people’s good wishes for the New Year.Reporters at the scene to see, “send lanterns” team every walk to a household, people will be in all the lanterns inserted incense, drums and gongs, bustling.Wenchang City Tanniu Town Tanbei village committee Gaochun village villagers group leader Wu Kun will: “our village is a total of 60 households, basically every year every household ‘send’ a lamp of peace, each of us will give all passing each lamp above, insert incense, to bless the whole village in peace, smooth.”The characteristic folk custom of “sending lanterns” in Wenchang not only sets off the festive atmosphere, but also plays a role of cohesion and honest folk customs. It further strengthens the villagers’ harmonious interpersonal relationship concept of “distant relatives are better than near neighbors”. In the lively festival, everyone hopes to bring good wishes, peace and auspice home and bless the safety and happiness of future generations.Wu Kunjiang, leader of villagers’ Group of Gaochunyi Village, Tanbei Village Committee, Tanniu Town, Wenchang City:”We swim lantern ceremony is also in accordance with our previous generations and generations of people are like this (inherited from) every year, (moral), bless peace, such as we had the boy in the village (house) is to ‘send’ two lights to the master in the village, as children, receives the handed down from one generation of culture, its customs, we will continue to continue,Send peace, health and blessings.”