Why new chopsticks for Spring Festival?Don’t endanger your family’s health just to save money

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Almost every meal we can not leave chopsticks figure chopsticks how to choose more safe?What should we pay attention to when using chopsticks?Discoloration and mouldy stains Chopsticks left in a humid environment for a long time are prone to bacteria, which can cause their surface to turn dark.Mouldy or even “hairy” chopsticks may produce aflatoxin when mouldy, so replace them in time.When chopsticks are scratched or worn, they can easily breed bacteria, so they should be replaced in time.Chopsticks that have an unpleasant or sour taste cannot be used.Plastic chopsticks Plastic chopsticks distort and melt when heated and can produce melamine, which is harmful to human health.02 How to choose chopsticks?Bamboo chopsticks are non-toxic, affordable and not easy to deform when heated.Wooden chopsticks although the use of light not hot mouth, but with a long time easy to breed bacteria, long mildew.Stainless steel chopsticks durable and clean health, but should avoid long-term contact with vinegar, salt, also do not use clean ball or strong acid and alkali cleaning, so as not to make the heavy metal dissolved out.★★ Ceramic chopsticks are not easy to wear, will not be damp and moldy, but easy to break.When shopping for chopsticks, it’s best to choose uncolored and unpainted ones. These are the healthiest.Most chopsticks come with a coating of raw lacquer, which acts as a “protective film” to reduce the risk of tearing and cracking.How do I clean my chopsticks?Don’t rub them too hard. Rubbing them too hard will strip the lacquer and make them rough.Sterilize chopsticks regularly to eliminate stubborn viruses.The method is also very simple, every other month put chopsticks into boiling water for half an hour or so, and then dry, can play a very good disinfection effect.Do not use acidic cleaning fluids, which can strip the waterproof paint off your chopsticks and cause bacteria to grow.Salt water mildew can be regularly cleaned with salt water to prevent mildew.Have you learned all these little things about chopsticks?New Year is coming to the home for new chopsticks!Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn