Zd-8168c workshop industrial dehumidifier which brand is good

2022-05-08 0 By

Southern region precipitation, immediately is tomb-sweeping day, tomb-sweeping day before and after the temperature difference is very big, it is easy to appear back to south day phenomenon, home was wet, in inside the enterprise production workshop also can not escape, air humidity is also rising, this time of year, a lot of enterprise production and management personnel, their production becomes bad,The main reason is affected by moisture, equipment damp short circuit failure, even burn, the product will also be affected by moisture resulting in varying degrees of quality decline.Product quality can be divided into GRADE A and GRADE B, but if the equipment fails, the production efficiency will certainly decline. After all, it takes time to repair the equipment, and it also needs to replace parts, which is A large expenditure, so to say, it has A great impact on the enterprise.This is why enterprises need to control the workshop air humidity, to ensure that production smoothly, will not be affected by humidity.Therefore, enterprises need to configure dehumidifiers in the workshop to moisture-proof dehumidification, reduce air humidity, to ensure that the air is dry.Zd-8168c workshop industrial dehumidifier dehumidifier is a professional removal of moisture, control of air humidity equipment, ZD-8168C workshop industrial dehumidifier adopts refrigeration dehumidification technology, equipped with imported compressor and rotor fan, strong wind, dehumidification capacity, outstanding performance, used for enterprise production moisture-proof dehumidification use effect is very good.Intelligent control system, according to the production demand input air humidity value of automatic dehumidification, automatic stop, energy saving, high efficiency, reliable.