Building a better goose tower | enhance safety awareness to create a safe campus

2022-05-09 0 By

In order to strengthen the construction of safe campus and effectively improve the safety awareness and self-protection ability of teachers and students, primary and secondary schools in Yanta district organized various safety education activities around the “safety education Day”.Primary and secondary schools under the jurisdiction have carried out themed classes (teams) meeting and flag-raising ceremony with the theme of “Safety grows with me” in a timely manner, and conducted safety knowledge learning and emergency risk-aversion drills to constantly improve the emergency risk-aversion ability of teachers and students.In the after-class teaching, the students showed their strengths, around the earthquake protection, fire protection, lightning protection and food poisoning and other aspects of the content, actively make safety theme handwritten newspaper, enhance the enthusiasm and fun of learning.Kunming Road primary school invited the police station into the campus, for teachers and students to bring a wonderful safety knowledge lecture, let everyone understand the importance of setting up “safety education day”.The police combined with the actual case, respectively from the traffic safety and network security two aspects, for everyone to introduce the importance of security prevention, remind the students to strengthen the safety thinking, jointly build the campus security barrier.Jixiang Road primary school and Rongqiao Primary school take “Safety Education Day” as an opportunity, around the theme of “traffic safety civilized travel”, carry out traffic safety knowledge lectures.The police gave lectures on the study of traffic laws and regulations and the prevention of traffic accidents, and conducted in-depth analysis based on cases to guide students to learn traffic common sense and travel safely and civilly.Yanta District No. 4 Primary School actively carried out safety knowledge publicity, with the theme of “safety is the heart of peace with our bank”, carried out safety knowledge publicity.Through carrying out the series of “safety propaganda little emissary” evaluation activities, flexible learning methods, enhance the learning atmosphere, teachers and students of learning enthusiasm unprecedented high, achieved good learning results.