CCTV Spring Festival Gala actress red makeup which strong?Li Yuchun is the most amazing and Zhao Liying is the most lovely!

2022-05-09 0 By

Speaking of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala, Ma Fanshu is undoubtedly the biggest highlight.Beautiful elegant intellectual, an appearance on the net user’s praise, talking about too beautiful!Really beautiful, CCTV mother’s aesthetic, really can always believe!Ni Ping, Zhou Tao, Dong Qing and Li Sisi are all great beauties.Liu Tao’s New Year red dress really surprised me, retro style plus big waves, no problem with the period feel.Liu Tao, who is over forty, can’t see her real age.In great shape and very flirty.MAO Xiaotong’s red dress is more festive, I think she belongs to a very sweet appearance, her dress is more like a bride’s dress, with a sweet smile, this is a lovely bride!Zhao Liying’s New Year dress, really amazing to me, I did not think zhao Liying is so suitable for red.Round face, appear meaty, look more lovely.Full marks!Tang Yan is silly all the time sweet already inspect feeling, this New Year dress up more appear fashionable.In fact, red and black together seem more mysterious, but tang Has a big forehead, so she needs bangs.But the overall temperament is ok.Song’s New Year suit is more neutral than other actresses.Intellectual with domineering, belong to the capable temperament.Did not think of sweet Song Qian still have a different side.But I think she is more suitable for the sweet and lovely dress, because her features are a little less heroic.Goddess Gao Yuanyuan’s appearance level is really old and young, regardless of gender.To tell the truth, Gao Yuanyuan’s New Year outfit is the most simple, not gorgeous.But wearing gao Yuan Yuan body feels very beautiful, very stylish.As expected the goddess is really not cover!Full marks!Although Gik Junyi has a dark complexion, she has a great temperament, and many people think her pale complexion is very attractive.And most of all, she’s confident.I think her red dress looks like the New Year.Ouyang nana’s red dress is not very amazing, but it is ok, after all, where the appearance level.Classical charm is not completely mastered.Age is there.You’ll be more attractive as you mature.Yang Mi need not I said, the appearance of 360 degrees without dead Angle, natural what color can control, red in Yang Mi’s body is also very New Year’s taste.For some reason, Dilieba has changed her New Year dress into a princess style, and her ethnic appearance adds to her looks.I think she looks more like a princess on the run than a New Year’s dress!Li Yuchun really overturned my perception of her, I think a lot of people are, wearing cheongsam unexpectedly so good-looking, before Li Yuchun said he is square face in the entertainment circle is very lonely.But I’ve been going androgynous for years.I didn’t expect to wear cheongsam so soft.Whoever you think you are, Jaring is number one in my heart.Do not accept refutation, I think everyone must be the same as me!Jarling won not by her looks but by her personality and her talent for being funny.Although she’s getting fatter now.I think she’s getting heavier and heavier in the hearts of the audience!Of all the goddesses in red, who is the most beautiful in your heart?Let me know in the comments!