Lishui woman emotional frustration late night to jump into the river, the body frozen after giving up after rescue

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Sheng Wei correspondent Zhong Lijia Zhang Hao February 13 in the early morning, Longquan City Public Security Bureau special police team members found a suicide woman in time, in the river was frozen constantly shout cold, police constantly comfort and persuasion, let the woman want to break the idea of suicide.At 1:58 on February 13, the Public Security Bureau of Longquan city received a report from the public that a young woman named Xiao Xu (pseudonym) was suspected of committing suicide.After learning from the police, the woman left the party with friends after drinking alcohol on the evening of February 12, and later sent messages to her friends such as “see you in the next life”. Xu’s friends immediately called the police.After receiving the alarm, longquan Public Security Bureau quickly ordered relevant departments to police and search for the woman.West Street police station police and swat team members after understanding, that the woman is very likely to choose suicide in the river, and group search.During this period, xu Xiankai, a member of the special police brigade, and his team searched for the woman while trying to get key information through the wechat of the person who called the police.It was raining and cold that night. After a long period of patient persuasion, the woman finally got back to her voice.From the woman’s broken voice, Xu Xiankai felt that the woman had slurred because of the cold, indicating that she did not know where she was.To this end, Xu Xiankai patiently pacified the woman and asked her about the characteristics of the surrounding area.”Don’t worry, we’ll find you soon, trust us!”During this period, Xu Xiankai continued to encourage women.After guiding the woman to share her location, swat officers finally found the woman at around 2:54 p.m. under the riverbank between Xixin Primary School and West Bridge in Longquan city.”Cold, very cold” when they found Xu, she was crouching by the river, drenched and shivering, repeating “cold” and unable to move because of freezing.In order to send the woman home as soon as possible, Xu Xiankai gave the woman put on a coat after the resolute back up, quickly stepped ashore.After sitting on the police car, special police team member Zhang Tingyu and colleagues continue to pacify the woman, calm its mood.After arriving at Xu’s home, swat officers carried her again until she was safely handed over to her family.It is understood that the woman chose to commit suicide because of emotional problems, because she was frozen and also because the police constantly persuaded the woman to give up suicide.”Be sure to pay more attention to her, pay attention to her mood and movement, and contact us if there is anything.”At 3:20, finish account woman’s family, everyone just rest assured to leave.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: