One class construction division examination can enter oneself for an examination a few times

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There is no limit to the number of times you can take the Level I Builder exam, but the level I Builder exam will only be held once a year unless there is a policy change to increase the number of times you take the exam.The test results of grade I construction engineer are managed by rolling system. The test results will be valid for two years. Candidates who pass all subject exams within two years will be regarded as qualified.There is no limit to the number of times for the test of grade A construction engineer. No matter how many times the candidates take the test, they can continue to take the test and get the qualification certificate of grade A construction engineer all the time.The first-class construction engineer examination will be held once a year.The professional subject examination of first-class construction engineer includes 10 specialties, and only one specialty is required each time.
The exam content of grade A construction engineer includes 4 subjects, which are construction engineering economy, construction engineering laws and regulations and related knowledge, construction engineering project management and professional engineering management and practice.Among them, 10 majors are set up in professional engineering management and practice, which candidates can choose according to their own needs.The level I construction engineer examination adopts the rolling system management method, the examination of these 4 subjects should be passed in all subjects within two consecutive examination years.Can get corresponding qualification certificate so.Candidates can also take additional tests as needed.2022 class A construction division preparation training camp global network school a construction guide 9 yuan to buy a column