Some people are making a lot of money selling red envelope covers, and you haven’t even grabbed one?

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By Tian Qiaoyun, Senior research fellow at New Retail Business Review.”Quick, Hermes is sending wechat red envelope covers!”However, when Xiaohui clicked on the link sent by her friend and completed the task step by step, the page showed that all the red envelopes had been received.Compared to last year to grab a dozen brands of red envelope cover, Xiaohui this year’s record is really bleak, so far only “squat” to 2.Xiaohui felt that this year, relatively few brands participated in the distribution of red envelope covers, and the number of distribution was limited, so it was difficult to grab.In fact, wechat red envelope covers first started in 2019, but the feature was not officially launched until the end of 2020, just before the Spring Festival of 2021.During the Spring Festival last year, an average of 7.8 digital red envelopes were sent and 2.6 red envelope covers were collected, 80 percent of which came from brands, according to TMI’s New Year Taste and New Ways report.In addition to wechat, annual let everyone “collection of five blessings” Alipay also launched a red envelope cover at the same time, but, wechat red envelope cover started to provide a new marketing service for the brand, Alipay is intended to strengthen social attributes through the red envelope cover.So, as a virtual product, consumers set alarm clock “squat” red envelope cover for what?From the point of view of the brand side, the launch of a red envelope cover only 3 months of validity, what is the value?What will wechat do when the cover of the red envelope becomes the target of ash?In Chinese custom, the New Year’s Eve dinner is an essential rite for the Spring Festival, as is handing out red envelopes.It has been a tradition for thousands of years for the elders to hand out red envelopes one by one to the younger ones.Throughout the Spring Festival, visits between relatives and friends are often accompanied by red envelopes.In the early days, red envelopes were mainly used to express the wishes of elders to the younger generation. Now, the function of red envelopes has extended to social interaction.With the development of the Internet and the boost of technology, physical red envelopes have largely been replaced by electronic ones.In the past, the ritual sense of giving and receiving red envelopes has been moved online. With mobile phones and the Internet, people can experience the entertainment of giving, receiving and grabbing red envelopes without leaving home.At this time, the social nature of red envelopes also extends from offline to online. Physical red envelopes limited by geographical location have become electronic red envelopes that can be sent to all parts of the world thanks to the support of the Internet.Red envelopes, which used to be given only during the Spring Festival, sometimes become a way to liven up the atmosphere and express emotions.With the advent of the new consumption era and the rise of generation Z, the monotony of electronic red envelopes seems a little monotonous.As a result, there has been a rush to grab the cover of the red envelope for the end of 2020.Send a red envelope with a cover to show your nose and taste.Xiaohui got a total of 13 red envelope covers through various channels last year, but only two or three red envelope covers she really liked when handing out red envelopes. “The other red envelope covers were ‘favored’ once when she showed off in her girlfriends’ group. After all, SHE couldn’t afford LV, so it was also very exciting to grab a COVER of LV red envelope.”When it comes to grabbing the cover, we have to say that wechat and Alipay two different red envelope cover gameplay and mechanism.As a social media, wechat red envelope covers mainly serve brands, and can be purchased at 1 yuan per cover only after the application is approved by enterprises on wechat public account.Of course, individuals can also make red envelope covers, but they need to apply for a personal video number to achieve this.Alipay, which started out as an online payment service, opened its red envelope cover directly to individual users.Last year, Alipay launched “door-to-door hongbao” and “PK Hongbao”, which allow users to put daily photos and videos directly on the cover of customized hongbao.This year, the two players’ red envelope covers also have new ideas: wechat launched the cover of the Alien red envelope, as long as you see an advertisement with the words “shake surprise” in moments, shake your phone, you have a chance to shake the cover of the alien red envelope;Alipay will have been playing for seven consecutive years “collection of five blessings” activity and red envelope cover function through, users can use fuka in exchange for favorite red envelope cover, cover design is different, the amount of fuka required is also different.Interestingly, This year, Alipay also launched a “digital Collection” in cooperation with the Guocao Art Research Institute of the China Academy of Art. Five Fuka cards can be exchanged for a digital avatar with a unique digital certificate number. Thanks to the technical support provided by Ant Chain, this digital avatar can also be used on any social platform.It seems that in the fight for the Spring Festival, wechat and Alipay battle is far from over.Is marketing, is also emotional value since January this year, brands have begun to enter the wechat red envelope cover marketing carnival.According to incomplete statistics, the red envelope cover has been published in the list of distribution, the head of each industry brand is still the main player of the red envelope cover.Not only jingdong, Meituan preferred, B station and other Internet companies, but also Mengniu, Jindian, Detol and other traditional FMCG brands, as well as Vacheron Constantin, Hermes, Jack and Jones, Hotwind and other luxury or fashion brands…This year, 52TOYS launched Panda Roll, Sleep Fairy, Kimmy&Miki and other 7 covers are designed based on 52TOYS ‘own IP.According to 52TOYS, although these 7 IP have “Guo Chao” in common, but each other have relatively independent fan groups, red envelope covers mainly through wechat public account and wechat group and other channels, batch limited free distribution.Some international brands that are not short of money are distributing red envelope covers through advertisements placed on moments of friends.Hermes is one of them. It set a link at the bottom of the advertisement in moments of friends, and users can click it to go directly to the Hermes wechat mini program and receive the red envelope after completing the interactive game.However, either because of the number of people playing or because of the limited amount of money being handed out, the cover of each batch of Hermes hongbao is almost always blank.Other media reported that wechat accounts featuring The cover of Wang’s red envelope crashed as fans scrambled for the cover.For big brands, the cover of red envelope is not only an event marketing about the festival, but also a transmission of brand emotional value.For example, the cover of The wechat red envelope of Yongpu has its own IP “Shi Zheng Zheng” as the main character, and this image is highly recognized among The fans of Yongpu.In their hearts, Shi Zheng is not a cold symbol, but a cute and interesting three-dimensional image with temperature.As a result, when Yipu released the information on the cover of the red envelope, the fans were ready to show off, communicate and comment on it.Obviously, the red envelope cover at this time is not just a small cover, but completed an emotional link between the brand and fans.However, while some brand red envelope covers caused a rush of competition, others have a completely different physical feel.The founder of a brand said that last year, he tried to release thousands of wechat red envelope covers to his fans, just like losing a sesame seed in the sea, with no effect. “Maybe our product itself is not suitable for this kind of social communication, so we will not join in the fun this year.”Some brand founders said that in the Spring Festival such a national carnival festival, there is no small brand.Want to rely on a small red envelope cover marketing out of the circle, the probability is not high.”The red envelope cover is actually a special way of marketing,” he said. “In the future, it will be mainly for big brand games.How many people will use the cover of a small brand even if they get it?”This year the brand officially announced the release of the wechat red envelope cover on December 31, 2021.The first batch of participating brands include Vacheron Constantin, Harry Potter, Sirocco, Amucci, DR Diamond Ring, etc.However, even before the official release of these red envelope covers, they had already appeared on various platforms such as Douyin, Taobao, Xianyu and even Kuaituantuan.Based on the imbalance between supply and demand, behind the cover of a small red envelope, a grey industrial chain composed of various stakeholders has been formed.As the application of wechat red envelope cover has certain qualification requirements, so the qualification has become the most upstream of the industrial chain, of course, this qualification is divided into enterprise qualification and personal qualification.After the qualification problem is solved, the next problem is the design, in addition to some design personnel to undertake business, there are sellers on Taobao to provide red envelope design services.The designed red envelope cover will eventually go to the consumer end, so taobao, Xianyu, Douyin……Even wechat itself has become either explicit or implicit sales channels.According to media reports, some people in this industry chain earn a million a month.On the other hand, wechat issued a notice on January 30, 2020, clearly stating that it is illegal to sell red envelope covers for payment, and once detected, the illegal red envelope covers will be removed from the shelves.This means that users through the form of payment to buy the red envelope cover, will face the risk of discontinuation at any time.However, there is still a brisk trade in red envelope covers.”Price is not high, hand speed is not good, too lazy to squat”, is the main reason for many consumers to buy red envelope cover.In addition, this year’s red envelope also bid farewell to last year’s relatively single design, many brands adopted the “dynamic + music + effect” approach, enhance the wechat red envelope of fun and uniqueness, naturally also attracted more people’s attention.WeChat since last year for the first time a red envelope cover, allowing only through qualification authentication enterprise ability is qualified to customize this provision, WeChat apparently hope to brand will provide a new way of marketing for personal custom rules associated with video number on the cover of the red envelope, the purpose is to promote video, original content production, it also accord with the actual development needs of video of that number.This year, wechat continues to launch new functions in the form of red envelope cover and release, such as fission and other ways to help brands through public accounts, small programs and other channels to retain public domain traffic to the private domain pool.These innovations of wechat, on the one hand, will bring good marketing transformation for the brand, on the other hand, due to the limitation of the delivery cost, it is also bound to bring a certain scarcity.If the huge demand is not met in formal channels, ash production is inevitable.On Taobao, many wechat red envelope covers have been sold by tens of thousands.If wechat really want to strict governance, such as the withdrawal of serial number violations, one may cause a larger chain reaction, two to investigate the difficulty is also relatively large.In the future, for the gray industrial chain of red envelope cover, wechat will choose to block or sparse, we may wish to wait and see.Topic of the day: How many red envelope covers did you grab this year?Which one do you like best?