Suzhou Kuaike will raise 300 million yuan to expand photovoltaic junction box and connector production capacity on February 24

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On February 17th, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued the Announcement of the 8th Review Meeting of the MUNICIPAL Committee of the GEM in 2022. The Municipal Committee of the GEM will hold the 8th review meeting of 2022 on February 24th to review the listing application of Suzhou Kuaike Photovoltaic Electronics Co., LTD. (IPO).The prospectus shows that Suzhou Kuaike was founded in 2005 with a registered capital of 48 million yuan and its actual controls are Duan Zhenggang and Hou Yanli.The company focuses on the electrical protection and connection of solar photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic power stations in the new energy industry, mainly engaged in the r&d, production and sales of photovoltaic junction boxes and photovoltaic connectors.The company’s products have certain technical advantages in current and voltage carrying capacity, weather resistance and intelligent protection, and the main products have passed the quality and safety certification of THE United States TuV and UL.As of the prospectus date, the company has 98 authorized patents, and participated in the formulation and drafting of 2 national standards and 4 industry standards.At present, the company’s sales network covers north China, East China, South China, northwest and other provinces and autonomous regions, the products are widely used in South Korea, India, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, Egypt, the United States and other overseas countries and regions of photovoltaic power station construction.The company’s main customers include trina Solar, JA Technology, Artesian, Oriental Sunrise, Tongwei, China Telecom, GCL Integration, HANSOL, Suntech Power, AU Optronics and other world-renowned component manufacturers.From 2018 to 2020, the company achieved operating revenue of 305 million YUAN, 353 million yuan and 503 million yuan respectively, with a compound growth rate of 28.42% in the past three years.Net profit reached 31.02 million yuan, 41.49 million yuan and 63.73 million yuan respectively, with a compound growth rate of 43.34% in the past three years.In the first half of 2021, the company achieved operating revenue of 314 million yuan and net profit of 27.81 million yuan.The company plans to offer up to 16 million shares to raise 331 million yuan, which will be used for photovoltaic module intelligent protection and connection system expansion project, R&D center construction project and supplementary liquidity.Among them, the expansion project plans to invest 132 million yuan, the construction period is 24 months.After the completion of the project, the capacity of photovoltaic junction boxes will be increased by 11 million sets/year, and the capacity of photovoltaic connectors will be increased by 9 million pairs/year.The company said that the funds raised will focus on photovoltaic module intelligent protection and connection system expansion project, the expansion project is based on the company’s existing main business, combined with industrial policy and industry development trend, based on existing technology implementation of expansion plan, is the further expansion of existing business.After completion of the project, the production capacity and efficiency of photovoltaic junction boxes and photovoltaic connectors of the company will be greatly improved, which will further highlight the company’s existing advantages and enhance the company’s ability to resist market risks, market competitiveness and sustainable development.Every year, we will go to Guangdong to see how to do pv this year!The 9th Guangdong Province Pv Forum 2022 will work with you to observe the general trend, change the bureau and view the future!March 3-4, See you in Shenzhen!– the END —