The Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television: Broadcasters should purify their “circle of friends” and “circle of friends”

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Publicity departments of party Committees, radio and Television bureaus and major news units of the Central Government in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government: Opinions on Further Regulating the Professional Behavior and Management of Social Activities of Broadcasters and presenters are hereby printed and distributed to you. Please earnestly implement the opinions according to the actual situation.General office of the central propaganda department of the general office of state administration of radio and television on January 25, 2022, on further regulating the behavior of the announcer host professional and social activities management opinion announcer host, as a representative of the image of the media are an important force in the party’s propaganda thought cultural undertakings, to adhere to the correct orientation, spread advanced culture, the important responsibility of the lead civilized practices.Propaganda department, radio and television administrative departments at all levels, broadcast institutions should attach great importance to the announcer host team construction, insist on sympathetic and deep affection, incentive and constraint, speed up the construction of a with firm political position, noble moral quality, extensive cultural knowledge and professional spirit, good professional talent team work skills.In order to further regulate the professional behavior of announcers and hosts and the management of social activities, the opinions are as follows.1. Focus on political quality cultivation.Broadcast propaganda department, radio and television administrative departments at all levels, institutions should always put the political quality as the first task of the announcer host team construction, education guide announcer host earnestly study and implement xi general secretary’s important thoughts about the propaganda and ideological work, strengthen the consciousness of “four”, firmly “four confidence”, “two maintenance”,Constantly improve political judgment, political understanding, political execution, always bear in mind the political responsibility, firm political stance, enhance political acuity, strive to be good at analyzing and dealing with problems from the political perspective, and secure professional behavior and social activities.2. Strengthen professional ethics.Broadcast propaganda department, radio and television administrative departments at all levels, institutions should education to guide the announcer host, actively practice the socialist core values, professional ethics construction as the foundation, consciously resist the temptation and vulgar vulgar vulgar fame and fortune, to purify the “network” “friends”, always cherish the honor, modest and prudent, wuxi, shaping a good public image,To be a journalist and literary worker with both virtue and art.Broadcast institutions to regulate the announcer host behavior, clear the announcer host not to harm the image of the media, its image organization and activities, and shall not use professional identity and personal popularity seek improper interests, may not be inappropriate comments in public, make inappropriate behavior, etc., guides them to take the initiative to accept social supervision,We will do more to promote professionalism and abide by professional ethics.3. Clarify the requirements for approval management.All broadcasting institutions shall formulate rules and regulations for the participation of announcers and presenters in social activities, clarify management principles and approval procedures.For announcers and presenters to participate in social activities of foreign units, all broadcasting agencies should be unified management, classified policies, implement approval in advance or preparation system, strict financial regulations and honesty and discipline requirements.For announcers and presenters to participate in private activities, broadcast organizations should strengthen daily education, do a good job of advance warning, and effectively eliminate all kinds of risks and hidden dangers.The participation of announcers and hosts in various commercial activities such as advertising endorsement, commercial promotion and network delivery must be approved by the broadcasting agencies, and the participation of news announcers and hosts in such activities must be strictly checked.Announcers and presenters who cause negative social impact due to improper words and deeds when participating in various activities shall be dealt with accordingly according to the seriousness of the case.4. Standardize the release of online information.All broadcasting organizations should take announcers and hosts as an important force to strengthen network communication and occupy the network space, strive to extend the offline influence of announcers and hosts to online, and constantly improve the influence and credibility of mainstream media in the network space.Where broadcast institutions should adhere to the “people, positions where”, the announcer host over the network platform to carry out the live webcast, audio and video information, etc, both on the specification and development, according to the nature of duty behavior information, personal information and other different respectively put forward management requirements, education led them to be familiar with the network propagation law and improve the consciousness of network public opinion,We should follow the mass line online and spread positive energy in cyberspace.5. Strict regulations on working with certificates.All broadcasting institutions shall strictly implement the system of working and practicing registration of announcers and hosts, and shall not use persons without practicing certificates or practicing registration as announcers and hosts.All broadcasting institutions shall not use guests to exercise the host functions of mastering the right to speak, guiding the program process and series programs in permanent programs such as news and comments. If guests are really needed in non-permanent programs such as evening parties and some permanent programs with strong professionalism, they shall report to the administrative departments of radio and television.If a qualified announcer or host causes a bad social impact by participating in social activities, all broadcasting institutions shall take disciplinary measures such as refusing to go through registration formalities and transferring the broadcasting and hosting post in strict accordance with regulations.The radio and television administrative departments shall strictly implement the record system for information held by announcers and presenters.6. Strengthen the management of cooperative programs.All broadcasting institutions should always maintain tight awareness of orientation, adhere to the same political standards, business standards and professional ethics requirements for announcers and hosts in self-made programs and non-self-made programs and temporary external announcers and hosts, and resolutely prevent all kinds of communication risks.Before purchase, cooperation of homemade event, to audit strictly the announcer host accredited and registered, considering the announcer host professional quality and the social image, carefully examine and verify the gatekeepers announcer host, in the words and deeds in the program, do not give a scandal misdeeds, illegal misconduct and other issues of personnel to provide voice channels.7. Deepen the practice of “four forces” education.Publicity departments at all levels, radio and television administrative departments and broadcasting institutions should study and carry out systematic education practices to enhance the “foot strength, eyesight, mental strength and pen strength” in light of the work characteristics of announcers and presenters, and carry out in-depth education of Marxist views of journalism and literature and art.All broadcasting organizations should regularly arrange announcers and hosts to go out of the studio and live broadcast room, make clear requirements for the time and frequency of going into the grassroots every year, and educate and guide announcers and hosts to always firm the people’s position and stick to the people’s feelings.All broadcasting organizations should organize announcers and hosts to participate in social public welfare activities, actively fulfill social responsibilities, and establish a good social image.8. Tighten up management responsibilities.Propaganda departments at all levels, radio and television administrative departments and broadcasting institutions should strictly implement the responsibility system for ideological work and earnestly shoulder the responsibility of managing announcers and hosts.All broadcasting institutions should strengthen their main responsibilities and do a good job in the registration of professional qualifications, standardization of information release, management of social activities, education, training and assessment.Radio and television administrative departments should strengthen the announcer host related certificates and the professional qualification registration, change registration, cancellation of work of supervision and inspection, found that the problem timely, shall be investigated for the responsibility of bad social impact, the management system is not sound, lack of management of the relevant person in charge of unit shall be investigated for responsibility.9. Give play to the role of industry organizations.All levels of the association of radio and television, network audio-visual, announcer, the host committee and the press, the literary ethics committee, such as industrial organization, to strengthen the ideology and moral character of the announcer host, professional morality and social morality education, through the guidance of hair in suzhou, selection of recognition, set up the typical general practitioners to set a good example for the public,We should give full play to the supervision role of the industry by vociferous condemnation of bad practices and bad people, and promote the formation of good industry practices.The personnel engaged in broadcasting and hosting work of the new media, network audio-visual program service agencies, program production and operation agencies of the news units shall be governed by reference to the spirit of the Opinions.