Video: Nurses and stewardesses deliver pregnant women on a plane

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Civil Aviation Resources Website, February 16, 2022 news:February 14th night, from sanya, hainan airlines to fly to chengdu HU7303 a female passenger on the flight suddenly broken amniotic fluid is about to deliver, hainan airlines crew of emergency management, set up with a blanket “temporary room”, the crew and passengers under the full cooperation of a nurse, female passengers well production, the cabin passengers issued a burst of applause, wish the baby peace was born.At 21:10 in the evening, flight HU7303 took off from Sanya on time. Shortly after the plane flew flat, a female passenger came out of the toilet and looked a little fluffed. Huang Ruiting, a flight attendant, immediately went to ask for help, knowing that the passenger was about to give birth.The situation is urgent, flight attendant Huang Ruiting immediately report to the cabin manager and purser.Wang Xiao, the purser, learned of the situation and arranged the passengers to lie flat on the back seat.The cabin manager Gao Lu immediately reported to the captain the cabin special situation, and then looked for a doctor for assistance through the radio: “Passengers, there is a passenger on the plane is about to give birth, if any passenger is a doctor or nursing staff, please contact the flight attendant immediately, thank you!””I’m a nurse and I can help with the birth!”A female passenger rushed from her seat to the rear cabin to assist.Flight attendants covered the area with blankets and set up a “temporary delivery room”.The cabin crew quickly set up an “air emergency midwife team” to assist the nurses, while providing blankets, rubber gloves, first aid kit and emergency medical kit and other spare tools for childbirth, while comforting the puerpera and relieving her discomfort and anxiety.22:21, “Force, inhale, and exhale…”With the help of the crew, nurses and the mother, the great mother delivered a baby boy in less than an hour. Both mother and baby are doing well.Hearing the baby’s clear and sweet cry, the cabin rang out bursts of applause, passengers have cheered “born!It’s born!”Video loading…Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: