When you go to Shandong, the drunkards don’t drink Maotai, but are keen on these three “people friendly wines”. Local people: Good eyesight

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As we all know, in the white wine circle, has been popular with a word called “east not into Anhui, west not into Sichuan”, anhui and Sichuan here, refers to anhui and Sichuan, thus visible, the people of these two places, drinking kung fu is very great!But now that myth has been debunked, who would dare to do it right away?It is Shandong.Shandong is the birthplace of Confucian culture, but it is also one of the hometowns of wine.On drinking, surely love wine personage is familiar with again however, shandong people drink the first in the country, is everybody familiar with the common sense.When you go to Shandong, don’t mention Maotai and Wuliangye. Although they have high popularity and have reached the posture of “a hundred flowers bloom”, they are not loved by everyone.Why do you say that?First of all, the price of Maotai and Wuliangye is too high, that is, no matter how rich you are, drinking every day will also give you a headache.Secondly, the series of wine desultorily caused a more serious impact on the brand wine.Finally, Shandong is not short of good wine, not only Wuliangye and Maotai are good to drink.In fact, there are a lot of good wines in Shandong, such as Jingzhi, Gubeichun, etc., are the local popular liquor.However, their price is still relatively high, so the audience has a local limit.However, compared with Maotai and Wuliangye, the following three “people friendly” wines have distinct characteristics and advantages.Locals also boast that these wine buffs really have a good eye for the real grain wine.Why do you say that?First, Langyatai, with a history dating back to two thousand years ago, not only has a long history, but also has very sophisticated production techniques.This wine adopts traditional winemaking techniques, using multiple round fermentation technology and series steaming technology, which gives the wine a distinctive character.At the same time, it has all the advantages of luzhou-flavor liquor, such as “rich cellar flavor, soft and sweet cotton, refreshing mouth and long aftertaste”.So come to Shandong, this wine is also the first choice of wine lovers, although in the popularity of Maotai and Wuliangye a big cut, but in the quality of the game has been literally pulled back.In addition, this is all the local liquor is very cheap liquor, so it caters to all the needs of consumers.If you also like to drink, have the opportunity to go to Shandong, and they fight wine, this must be one of their first choice.Second: Baotu Spring Baotu Spring, producing area in Shandong province.The first time I heard these three words, it must be a text in junior high school.Unexpectedly, Baotu Spring is also the name of a good wine.This wine is favored by shandong people because its wine source comes from the fresh and luscious Baotu Spring.And sorghum, millet, rice as the main raw materials, by high temperature daqu as a starter, brewing by ancient method, so worth a try.Although the workmanship is complex, but its price is unusually low, so that it is mistaken for an alcoholic wine, coupled with the lack of publicity, so the popularity of the country is really low.However, in Shandong province, this wine is a symbol of good wine, its local popularity is no less than Maotai and Wuliangye, hence the locals say: foreign wine friends are really good eyesight.Third: Zunren Tai Zunren Tai, and the above two wines are completely different, Zunren Tai origin is Guizhou, as we all know, Guizhou is a large province of wine production, famous Maotai is from Guizhou.At first, Zunren Taiwan always adhere to the “quality first”, so there is no progress in publicity, but some publicity more alcohol to steal the limelight.With the witness of time, this wine finally ushered in spring, so that we clearly realize: in all maotai-fragrant wine, there is a “cool” existence.What makes this wine so highly regarded and loved is its quality and price.In terms of quality, the appearance of the wine is clear and bright. At the moment of opening the bottle, a fragrant fragrance comes to your face, instantly arousing the cell activity of the tip of the tongue.The entrance is mellow and delicate, and the cellar fragrance reverberates in the mouth, which makes people swallow, and makes the wine lovers feel endless tenderness, which is extremely enjoyable!In the price, but and Maotai, Wuliangye far from!As we all know, the price of Maotai and Wuliangye is several thousand yuan a bottle, but this zunren Tai for the public, with low price, excellent quality to win the heart of wine lovers.As a provincial wine, shandong people so rice, visible its kung fu to deep, good wine extreme.Although good to drink, but in order to let more people know this good wine, it is suggested to strengthen the publicity, do not be too low-key, otherwise let some bad wine to make waves, hurt elegant!The end of today’s sharing, what do you think of these three people’s wine?Leave a message.