Which translation pen is good?Iflytek translation pen S11 with brand strength, a variety of functions gorgeous selected

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There are different needs at each stage of learning English.Primary and middle school students pay attention to the study of basic knowledge and the cultivation of English interest;On the other hand, college students or those who want to take the postgraduate entrance exam pay more attention to the in-depth study of English knowledge and the efficiency of learning.However, it is important to choose a practical learning tool at any stage, such as the translation pen. Its role is to assist learning and improve the efficiency of learning, which is very suitable for students to use.Then which translation pen is good?Choose the IFlytek translation pen S11.There are so many translation pen brands in the market, why choose IflyTEK translation pen S11?In terms of brand strength, vocabulary accumulation and oral English learning, IflyTEK translation pen S11 can be regarded as the industry leader.In terms of brand strength, IflyTEK Translation Pen S11 uses the same origin spoken language evaluation technology of IflyTEK’s “Scoring System for English Listening and Speaking Examination”, and integrates image recognition, speech recognition, machine translation, intelligent speech synthesis and other technologies developed by Iflytek, which are leading the international peers in the world.With these technologies, iflyTEK translation pen S11 is confident.When it comes to which translation pen is good, it is not enough to have the brand effect, but to implement it in the specific learning process.The most important thing in English learning is to accumulate vocabulary.In this regard, iFlyTEK translation pen S11 can also help students very well. It has the speed of searching words in 0.5 seconds and can search more than 80 words in one minute, saving students a lot of learning time.In addition to fast word search, the scanning recognition accuracy of this translation pen is up to 99%, which can ensure the accuracy of students’ word search, so that students can trust the professional degree of IFlyC translation pen S11.For those students always can’t remember new words, S11 xunfei translation pen new words and the function of the students look up new words in, click on the top right corner of the screen star icon, you can in a short period of time is difficult to remember the words of a key to the new words in this collection, using the morning reaidng review or other free time to consolidate, very convenient.Look up words and add special new words in the book, easily accumulate vocabulary.The IFlytek translation pen S11 can also help students improve their oral English.It has a pure British American pronunciation, for students to choose, cultivate language sense.It also uses the college entrance examination of Spoken English test cognate technology, so that every listening and speaking practice, are simulated actual combat, in the exam also do not have to worry about hearing problems.And it has the function of listening import, support listening material import and play, so that students can exercise listening sense anytime and anywhere.In a word, it can let students have a fluent oral English, let them like to speak English.Parents who are still worried about which translation pen is good can choose IFlyTEK translation pen S11. Its success in the market not only depends on the strong brand background, but also depends on its very practical functions, such as the speed and accuracy of word search, new words and so on.So, choose iflyTEK translation pen S11 on the right.