Who says a hardcover room needs to be the same?This owner, subvert everybody to hardcover room impression

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Who says a hardcover room needs to be the same?The owner, they undermine you impression of clothbound room is being redefined the concept of family, not just to eat sleep, it is much more service for all, with its comfortable, personality, applicable to reveal master characteristics, embodies the more interests and attributes, its colour, filling materials, none ignored, the same appearance, gradually neglected,The style that deducts it afresh becomes mainstream, even if lamp of an atmosphere, arrive from color temperature position, the feeling that present finally is mentioned ruthlessly in the home is installed like a subject.Case: Modern simple living room with cool feeling Residents: adults, children Housing Area: 98㎡ Housing Type: medium ping number Spatial pattern: 3 rooms, 1 hall, 1 bathroom Main building materials: environmental paint/natural stone/log Design key points:The daylighting of the founder’s family is superior advantage of natural lighting and founder area line move, is the biggest comfort of the owner, with spacious bedrooms, and a professional independent e-sports room, also made a good segmentation, eat hutch is independent of the balcony made a comb, to burnish it, bring joy than it is house advocate between simple clothes.Design key points:Gentle cream wind the sitting room is the most spacious view room a fairyland, on the surface of the whole French window to see out of the window curtain curtainfall, with natural stone made TV setting wall, a conventional idea, it deserves to be hale and hearty with warm brown wood grille to neutralize, sofa and TV with area lamps build, that has no intention of romance slowly input,The sofa of cloth art chose the beach color of contemporary wind, a few colour jump depend on bag to scatter.Design key: the kitchen with pyrotechnic gas was used to move in concise, ash adds white to give priority to, satisfy daily need more, it is house advocate use convenient, the hand basin of double groove, and instantaneously use gas furnace, nowhere is not permeating pyrotechnic breath.Design key: the contemporary sense of light luxury droplight is family eating in restaurant kitchen, also USES the marble material, ordered a table for four to six, with soft leather chair, free from the hale and hearty and soft switching, next door to eat edge ark adopts the transparent glass door and traditional opaque texture cupboard door mix form, the overall construction of contemporary and contracted wind is very advanced.Design key: dry wet separation retained appearance level toilet to keep dry again is the wish of everybody, house advocate has same old wish, because this is in the beginning of the design, but consider its dry wet separation processing, even if the slippers that wash bath daily also had the hang rod that belongs to alone desiccently.Design key: the style of cool black really additional kind bedroom should be warm slant downy concept in the heart of majority person, but house advocate goes subvert with the thinking of new generation mankind, used cool black/ash and blackish green, also brushed together with wall the atmosphere that gave cold a margin feels.Design key: this study is not that book house Lord is electric race lover, the traditional study directly joined electric race equipment, and his love of all kinds of sound kind of Musical Instruments, etc., in the full view of books, the new science and technology of all things do not fall.Design key points: its definition to the balcony, more like a haven for most people’s idea, the balcony air basks in clothings, but homeowners obviously belong to the new new mankind, like the daily improvement, they did have ordered through the top of the lockers, also installed above the invisible ladder, timely into safe haven, asing if is the memory of childhood.Conclusion:Daily happenings will become over time will not be filed of memory, as long as have this company in the daily, the individual’s happiness and good brought into his own love mew, let it unknowingly grow together with you and your family, even if is relying on a bag, a small vase, together with the hook and socket, cannot leave the master careful and rigorous, give more attention and love,Such a house will have a sense of belonging and happiness, the kind of warm power to the heart not to be sneaked.