63-year-old man dating 52-year-old pretty woman: I’ll give you 4,000 a month!Woman: I was offered 400,000 yuan

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Uncle Wang, 63 years old, has three houses under his name, one to live in and two to rent.He also has a pension of 5000 yuan a month and lives a good life.His son works in another province and lives as a couple during weekdays.But last year, his wife ran off with a younger man.Without knowing it, he got divorced.The best way to get over a hurt relationship is to start a new one.So he went to a matchmaking agency.2 he is looking for a marriage requirements: age between 45 and 55 years old, good appearance level, good personality, the hall of the kitchen.Wang’s condition is good, and the matchmaker quickly introduced him to his 52-year-old aunt Hua.Aunt Hua is a naturally good-looking and well-groomed woman who runs a dessert shop next to the vegetable market.She has a sweet smile and a sweet mouth. She is very popular with customers. She can’t feel comfortable without her dessert.But she is also a woman with a bitter fate, her husband died because of pancreatic cancer, leaving her a dementia son.Her son, 30, had a fever when he was young and failed to seek medical attention. He burned his brain and suffered from dementia.With her son unattended and her husband dying early, she had to quit her previous stable job and open a small shop by herself, taking care of her son.Although her son is a little retarded, he is very obedient.Every day, I just sit in the shop and watch TV. I don’t run out or make a noise.Although the dessert shop business is good, but are operating on a shoestring, the end of a month is hard money.In order to improve her life, Aunt Hua went on blind dates many times, hoping to find a partner she could rely on.Her beauty, let many men enchanted, can be informed that she has a son with dementia, and have given up.Uncle Wang and aunt Hua made a good impression on each other after their meeting.Aunt flower through matchmaker introduction, know the economic strength of Uncle Wang.But uncle Wang did not know about aunt Hua’s son.Because aunt Hua told the matchmaker that she had to tell her son to her face.She gained experience after several failed blind dates.Her son’s matter can’t let matchmaker say at the beginning, this will directly frighten the man away, the two people even have no chance to meet.Uncle Wang met aunt Hua for the first time and was quite satisfied with her.The next day I checked in at her sweet shop.5 Of course, he also saw the stupid son sitting in the corner of the dessert shop.Aunt Hua told him the truth.Uncle Wang could not accept it at first, but out of politeness, he did not say anything, but ate the tremella lotus seeds in the bowl.Uncle Wang has been observing the son of aunt flower, found that he really as aunt flower said, good and obedient, but also from time to time directed at Uncle Wang smile.Wang Shu felt that he would not cause any burden to himself, so he decided to give each other a chance to try to see everything.From then on, Uncle Wang would often visit aunt Hua in her shop, bringing some expensive fruits and snacks with him.In return, aunt Hua would also leave him for lunch.Aunt Hua was not only good-looking, but also very skilled in cooking. She grabbed Uncle Wang’s stomach deeply.After they knew each other for a month, uncle Wang proposed marriage to aunt Hua, and asked her what requirements?Aunt Hua did not hide, but directly said their needs.”You know both of us, and you know what MY shop makes in a day.””To tell you the truth, I am very tired of such a life. I have to get up early in the morning to soak food ingredients and boil sugar water. It is very hard and very tired.”I only want to marry for two reasons. One is to find a man who will be true to me.The other is to find a man who can feed and drink us.””I don’t need your betrothal gift or pocket money, as long as you can take care of us unconditionally. We cost very little and are easy to take care of.I promise I’ll take good care of you and never abandon you.”Aunt Hua said it sincerely, and Uncle Wang considered it very seriously.In today’s old age world, it’s hard to find a close friend!But aunt Hua was beautiful and virtuous, and did not need pocket money. Uncle Wang thought he had found a treasure and quickly agreed to her request.Aunt Hua quickly sold the store, saved the transfer fee, and moved her son from the small, old 40-square-meter house to Uncle Wang’s 90-square-meter house.”We shall live together as a trial marriage, and if you think I am a suitable wife for you, we shall marry again. It will be fairer to you.I don’t want people talking about you, saying I married you for your house and your money. ‘This is aunt Hua’s suggestion.Uncle Wang did not expect that Aunt Hua was such a considerate woman, and his love for her deepened.After living together, she does all the shopping, cooking, washing and housework.Uncle Wang only needs to give aunt Hua 4000 yuan every month.At the beginning, aunt Hua really gentle home, take care of him in every possible way, so that he was warm home, than he had that “tigress” ex-wife much stronger.But such a happy day did not last long, Wang Shu slowly found that the flower aunt began to be restless.In addition to shopping for vegetables, she also likes to go out at other times, leaving her son at home for him to look after.Wang Shu learned through the village some old friends mouth, his beautiful young wife, often take the initiative and other men talk.Whether it’s a walk in the neighborhood, or an elevator ride.The residential area where Wang Shu lives is located by the river. It is a high-grade residential area. Almost all the people who can buy houses here are rich people.When Uncle Wang realized that Aunt Hua was completely different and wanted to make suggestions to her, he found it was too late.Originally, flower aunt took a 78 – year – old uncle Li in the community.Grandpa Li is a retired official. He has a high pension and his children are all businessmen. His family is rich.Guan is his house, there are two in the same neighborhood.Uncle Li lives in the most expensive house in the community.Although rich, Uncle Li is not in good health. He has to use a wheelchair to go out and is usually taken care of by a nanny.Uncle Li wants to partner with aunt Hua because her eyes and eyebrows look like his ex-wife’s.Uncle Li and ex-wife is a difficult couple, love.Ten years ago, when his wife died, Uncle Li was also depressed, a serious illness left behind a weak body.And when he saw aunt Hua, his heart suddenly excited again, with the will to survive.Because of this, Uncle Li’s children knew aunt Hua would not marry for uncle Li, but they all agreed to let her enter.They are willing to spend money to buy their old father’s happiness.Aunt Hua hardly thought about it for long, but she promised to take good care of him for the rest of her life.Married to him with a nanny and nothing to do.In addition, I can have an additional 380,000 yuan in bride price, and I can send my son to a professional hospital for treatment, and I can live in this house until my last day…She had no reason not to be tempted.So she took her son and moved away while he was away.No parting, not even a goodbye!Until in the community to see the flower aunt pushing Uncle Li walk, Wang Uncle just suddenly wake up, he lost her completely.Perhaps he is a transitional period for her, a springboard to know the rich just.He had thought he had been lucky to meet a woman who did not want pocket money, who was not in a hurry to marry him, who looked into his fortune…Little did she know that she wanted much more than he could afford.In fact, Uncle Wang also fought for, I hope aunt Flower can return to his side, there is no need for money and injustice to marry an old man 26 years older than her.However, her aunt said to him, “I like you better than you.But as a mother, I also want to think about the rest of my son’s life.””They will sign a contract with me that if I am not there, they will continue to feed and clothe my son and they will give me the house until I die.At his house, I can have hot meals without doing anything. If you can promise me that, I will choose you even if I don’t have 400,000 yuan.””But you can’t, because you treat me more like a free babysitter.If you give me more living expenses, plus a little extra money, help me do some housework, I will not ride the donkey to find a horse.”…Uncle Wang heard this and walked away in silence.Beyond heaven there is a man to be found.He thought his condition was good enough, that he could do them the greatest favor by feeding and drinking them…After flower aunt this event, Wang Shu understand: old age to find a companion, is to find a partner to maintain a common emotional life, rather than free nanny.Can not rely on a few stinky money on the high, “I raise you”, just as I spend money to raise you, you should take care of me and wait on me.In this fickle world, no matter men or women, no matter young or old, most of them are looking for each other’s sincerity, not just money!Money can buy many things, but not necessarily sincerity.Do you agree with me?